Student Spotlight

What’s it like to study here? Our Student Spotlight series asks current students all about their Berklee experience.

Student Spotlight: Bethanie Liu

The electronic musician shares how Berklee helped shape her desire to be a songwriter and arranger into something that incorporates digital instruments and computer programming.

Student Spotlight: Mehrpouya Daneshvar

The clarinetist from Iran talks about discovering a love for Iranian classical music and how coming to Berklee has allowed him to expand his style by exploring jazz and Latin music.

Student Spotlight: Shivaraj Natraj

The vocalist, konnakol beatboxer, and percussionist reflects on his musical journey from Oman to India and beyond, and how he’s working to bridge Western and South Asian musical styles.

Student Spotlight: Yağmur Soydemir

The Berklee graduate student discusses her greatest inspirations, her love of ultimate frisbee, and the process of reworking a traditional Turkish folk song for a humanitarian relief project.

Student Spotlight: Andrea Recalde

The vocalist from Quito, Ecuador, talks about songwriting across language barriers, taking inspiration from family, and rediscovering dad-rock.

Student Spotlight: Lumanyano Mzi

The Cape Town, South Africa, drummer and contemporary writing and production major discusses his winding path to Berklee, the biggest insights from learning to write for large ensembles, and more.