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What Is Contemporary Music?

It's practically Berklee's middle name—but what are we talking about when we say "contemporary music"?

Berklee Now Series

Soul of Her Own Machine: Merrill Garbus Reveals the Human Side of Looping

During a recent songwriting clinic, visiting artist Merrill Garbus, of the indie band Tune-Yards, pulled back the curtain on her distinctive approach to performing.

4 Steps Songwriters Can Take Now to Prepare for the Music Modernization Act

For songwriters and music publishers, the game is about to change in a big way. Here’s how to get ready.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s Orchestra of Electricity

Take a moment to clear your mind with the alumna synth composer's organic, meditative music, featured on this episode of Sounds of Berklee.

Grammy-winning producer Che Pope

Kanye Producer Talks Modern Definitions of Success

Grammy-winning producer Che Pope (Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, the Weeknd) reflected on his career as part of this year's Business of Hip-Hop/Urban Music Symposium.

How Dogs Can Teach You to Sing Heavy Metal

David Benites, founder of the Extreme Vocal Institute, summoned the powers of metal—and classic vocal technique—at a recent clinic.

Chinese classical music being performed by an orchestra

More than Mozart: A Global Take on Classical Music

Inspired by a Chamber Series performance at the Conservatory, listen to examples of classical music that go far beyond the Western idiom.

Naty Hernandez

Listen to a New Song from Women in Music Award Winner Naty Hernandez

The award provided the Colombian multi-instrumentalist with the resources to produce the song "Besar el sol."

Berklee and Halo Neuroscience Announce Collaboration To Accelerate Music Learning

Can a pair of headphones help you learn music faster, practice more efficiently, and increase creativity?

Jilian Medford of the band IAN SWEET

How Shoegaze Lived, Died, and Came Back to Influence a New Generation

If you like Coldplay, Beach House, or even the 1975, then you probably like shoegaze—even if you didn't know it.

Electronic musician performing in the dining hall

5 Essentials of Music Career Success

Want to build a sustainable career in the music industry? Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Kelsey's Prime Slices: Will Johnson, Husky Loops

Read about and hear new releases recommended by BIRN staff member Kelsey Johnson the week of August 5.


Ryan's Reviews: Let's Rock by the Black Keys

BIRN staff member Ryan Reid checks out the ninth studio album by the blues rock stalwarts, their first in five years.