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Five Tips for Covering Songs on YouTube

Breaking out on YouTube requires a good amount of time, energy, and creativity. Here are some tips on how to get started.

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Berklee Now Series

Art Meets Tech: Explore 10 Careers in Music Production

From sound editor to boom operator, read about some of the top careers available in the field of music production.

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A Buyer's Guide to Vintage Drum Machines

Erik Hawkins offers tips for buying vintage drum machines, including what to look for and the best models for musicians on a budget.

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Five Must-Try Habits for Musicians

It takes more than passion and a world-class education for a successful career in music. You’re also going to need to develop some world-class healthy habits.

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Auditioning with EDI

Learn about Berklee's audition process for students focusing on electronic digital instruments (EDI). 

Sean Slade's Explosive Session with Lou Reed

Famed producer and faculty member recalls recording with the late rock legend.

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Berklee Community Shines at First BAMS Festival

Singer-songwriter Dom Jones talks to her fellow BAMS Festival artists about what the event means both for them and the city. 

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Berklee Online Student Fights PTSD One Track at a Time

Eric Lewis, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, founded Vet-Traxx to help veterans use music to cope with stress.

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Prince Charles Alexander on Recording the Notorious B.I.G.

In this animated short, Alexander details his transition from funk artist to music production ace for Bad Boy Records.

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Meet Five Video Game Composers and Sound Designers

Learn about these careers and who is shaping the industry. 

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Bloomberg Law: Immigration Lawyer Uses Music to Appeal for Immigrants

Lawyer Susan Cohen is using music to raise awareness of the plight of refugees in a video she created called “Beyond the Borders.” In the video for the song, Berklee students sing and provide the instrumental accompaniment. 

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You Already Have Everything You Need to Make Music

Our ability to create great art comes from within, not from the gear we don’t own.

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Five Steps to Start Writing Lyrics

Break into lyric writing with structure and tools. 

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