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What Is Contemporary Music?

It's practically Berklee's middle name—but what are we talking about when we say "contemporary music"?

Berklee Now Series

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Going 'Back to Berklee': Plans Announced for Fall 2020

After careful planning, Berklee will open for the fall semester in a hybrid on-campus/remote capacity.

Billboard: The Latin Grammy Foundation Awards Julio Iglesias Scholarship to Musician from Spain

The scholarship, awarded to vocalist and pianist Mar Giménez Marín, is worth $200,000 and will allow her to study at Berklee College of Music for four years.


College Students Deserve More Than Video Chats

In an essay for Medium, Berklee President Roger H. Brown discusses the importance of making virtual classroom experiences meaningful.


6 Mental Health Tips for Musicians During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Claudia Glaser Mussen, a musician and therapist, offers advice on how to cope with doubt and uncertainty in a time of global crisis.

Your Guide to Berklee Online’s Most Popular Courses

From voice, guitar, and songwriting classes to music theory and production, here are some options for making good use of your time at home.

7 Tips for a Successful Live Concert Stream

If you’re looking to optimize your live stream concerts, here are some tips and best practices.

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So You've Shifted to Remote Learning. What Now?

Get up and move, rest your eyes, set an ending time for schoolwork, and seven more tips for making the most of this semester.

5 Ways for Musicians to Collaborate Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Social distancing can be a strange new concept for musicians, but you don’t have to wait until quarantine has lifted to get back to working with other creatives.

How to Support Artists During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Four ways you can help artists and music industry professionals right now and in the days ahead.

5 Self-Care Tips for Songwriters

Emily Shackelton ’07, who has written hits for Carly Pearce, ABC's Nashville, and American Idol, offers advice for surviving the highs and lows of a songwriting career.

You’ve Probably Never Heard This Instrument. Matthew Baker Wants to Change That.

The Berklee Valencia instructor is working to bring the baryton out of 18th-century obscurity and into 2020.

Can You Land a Successful Career with a Performing Arts Degree?

In an economy that rewards improvisation and entrepreneurship, well-trained artists and musicians are equipped to thrive.