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Susan Rogers: Recording with Prince

The music production and engineering professor—Prince's staff engineer from 1983 to 1987—discusses an average day with the late pop legend.

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You Already Have Everything You Need to Make Music

Our ability to create great art comes from within, not from the gear we don’t own.

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Five Steps to Start Writing Lyrics

Break into lyric writing with structure and tools. 

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Arranging a Jazz Classic for Solo Piano

Get acquainted with jazz harmony, and learn to add solo piano performance to your repertoire. 

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Four Ways to Get an Internship

Start your career after graduation with an introduction to the industry. 

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Make Your Band a Business

Check out these five tips to make your band financially successful and viable in the music industry.

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Counterpoint in Today's Music

Think of these practical considerations whether you are writing rock songs, film scores, or EDM tracks.

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Practice Bass Effectively

Learn to set and achieve goals in your routine to optimize your practice time.

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How Technology Enhances Live Performance

From 4D sound to holograms to Ableton Live, there are a host of ways that technology can improve live performance. 

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The Spell of Virtual Reality

The next frontier of a musical experience may well happen inside a specially designed virtual reality headset.

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The Power of Playlisting

Learn why it's important to have your music on streaming platforms and playlists. 

Music Business Journal

Up Your Video Production

Check out this guide to making a short, snappy film to showcase your band and songs.

Berklee Today Alumni Magazine

Choosing a Digital Audio Workstation

Navigate the digital audio workstations (DAWs) available today, and choose the one that's right for you.

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