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Berklee Now Series

Michael Franti

Scene at Berklee: Michael Franti

Singer, songwriter, and humanitarian Michael Franti (Spearhead) spoke with students about his empathy-centered approach to songwriting.

Scene at Berklee: Charlie Puth

At a Visiting Artist Series clinic this week, the pop hitmaker and Berklee alumnus talked about his influences and why his latest single, "Girlfriend," is indebted to Berklee.

Scene at Berklee: Noa and Gil Dor

The two Israeli musicians shared their artistic journeys and performed pieces from their new collaboration, Letters to Bach

Kenny Werner and Billy Childs in conversation

Scene at Berklee: Billy Childs and Kenny Werner

The two decorated composers talked about their different approaches to creativity and debated which chord sounds the most like hope.

Scene at Berklee: Songwriting Sprint

Thirteen student teams spent a Saturday writing, workshopping, and performing original songs.

Scene at Berklee: Jeff Harleston

The longtime Universal Music Group executive discussed streaming, changing business models, and the three skills required to make it as a musician. 

Scene at Berklee: Michael League

The Grammy-winning Snarky Puppy bandleader spoke on crafting an authentic sound in a master class with the Berklee Snarky Puppy Ensemble.

Scene at Berklee: Jeff Coffin

The saxophonist for Dave Matthews Band shared practical tips on gigging, getting paid, and building relationships. 

Scene at Berklee: YBN Cordae

The Chance the Rapper collaborator shed light on his lyric-writing process and why self-confidence, while necessary, can only take you so far.

Scene at Berklee: Grandmaster Flash

The turntable pioneer shared "the Biblical law of DJing" and other practical wisdom from the early days of hip-hop.