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6 Mental Health Tips for Musicians During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Claudia Glaser Mussen, a musician and therapist, offers advice on how to cope with doubt and uncertainty in a time of global crisis.

7 Tips for a Successful Live Concert Stream

If you’re looking to optimize your live stream concerts, here are some tips and best practices.

Woman using an electronic digital instrument

So You've Shifted to Remote Learning. What Now?

Get up and move, rest your eyes, set an ending time for schoolwork, and seven more tips for making the most of this semester.

5 Ways for Musicians to Collaborate Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Social distancing can be a strange new concept for musicians, but you don’t have to wait until quarantine has lifted to get back to working with other creatives.

How to Write Original Holiday Songs

Get in the spirit with these seasonal tips from Berklee songwriting instructors.

5 Ways to Manage Stress During Midterms

During midterm season, it’s important to take time for self-care, avoid procrastination, and reach out to friends and loved ones for support. 

4 Critical Listening Tips for Songwriters

As a songwriter, you need to know how to listen critically. Start by breaking components of a song into four moving parts: melody, chords, lyric, and groove.

Soul of Her Own Machine: Merrill Garbus Reveals the Human Side of Looping

During a recent songwriting clinic, visiting artist Merrill Garbus, of the indie band Tune-Yards, pulled back the curtain on her distinctive approach to performing.

4 Steps Songwriters Can Take Now to Prepare for the Music Modernization Act

For songwriters and music publishers, the game is about to change in a big way. Here’s how to get ready.

How Dogs Can Teach You to Sing Heavy Metal

David Benites, founder of the Extreme Vocal Institute, summoned the powers of metal—and classic vocal technique—at a recent clinic.

Five Tips for Covering Songs on YouTube

Breaking out on YouTube requires a good amount of time, energy, and creativity. Here are some tips on how to get started.

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Art Meets Tech: Explore 10 Careers in Music Production

From sound editor to boom operator, read about some of the top careers available in the field of music production.

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