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Five Tips for Covering Songs on YouTube

Breaking out on YouTube requires a good amount of time, energy, and creativity. Here are some tips on how to get started.

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Art Meets Tech: Explore 10 Careers in Music Production

From sound editor to boom operator, read about some of the top careers available in the field of music production.

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Auditioning with EDI

Learn about Berklee's audition process for students focusing on electronic digital instruments (EDI). 

Venezuelan Merengue

This musical style is explained and demonstrated by Berklee students Alexis Soto and Carlos Capacho. 

Meet Five Video Game Composers and Sound Designers

Learn about these careers and who is shaping the industry. 

The Berklee Groove

Five Steps to Start Writing Lyrics

Break into lyric writing with structure and tools. 

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Arranging a Jazz Classic for Solo Piano

Get acquainted with jazz harmony, and learn to add solo piano performance to your repertoire. 

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Four Ways to Get an Internship

Start your career after graduation with an introduction to the industry. 

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Make Your Band a Business

Check out these five tips to make your band financially successful and viable in the music industry.

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Counterpoint in Today's Music

Think of these practical considerations whether you are writing rock songs, film scores, or EDM tracks.

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Practice Bass Effectively

Learn to set and achieve goals in your routine to optimize your practice time.

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Up Your Video Production

Check out this guide to making a short, snappy film to showcase your band and songs.

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