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Album art from the Bedroom with a View playlist

A Bedroom with a View

As the Berklee community adjusts for remote learning and creativity, we offer a few artists who have used limitation as their inspiration.

Berklee Now Series

Album art from the October Visiting Artist playlist

Visiting Artist Series: October Preview

Listen to songs performed, written, produced, and/or managed by the artists who are (virtually) stopping by Berklee this month.

Album art from the September Visiting Artist playlist

Visiting Artist Series: September Round-Up

Take a listen to songs performed, written, produced, and/or managed by the artists who (virtually) stopped by Berklee this past month.

MHIC Says Song 'Fear' Reflects the Anxiety of a Generation

The Berklee alumna explores lockdown and her internal state in her new song. 

Album art from the Keira Smith curated playlist

Keira Smith's Songs to Fuel a Movement

The singer and music therapy major shares songs that have helped sustain and inspire her during a global pandemic and time of protest.

The Berklee Really Eclectic Orchestra Records an All-Strings Rendition of 'Miserlou' from Home

The high school ensemble embraced the stay-at-home restrictions for their innovative take on the influential rock guitar tune.

Guitarist and producer Alper Tuzcu

Alper Tuzcu Translates Poetic Wisdom on 'Con Ella'

The Turkish guitarist and producer shares his musical arrangement of a poem by the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

Composer Marti Epstein Makes 'Unimaginable' Music

The longtime Berklee faculty member talks imagination, her opera Rumpelstiltskin, composing without computers, and more on Sounds of Berklee.

Tali Rubinstein with her recorder

Recorder Player Tali Rubinstein on Translating Nostalgia

The Israeli musician discusses her love of sad music and how translating lyrics can be its own aesthetic journey on this episode of Sounds of Berklee.

Album art from the Nu-Vintage playlist

A Pop Music Time Machine

Inspired by the Signature Series concert Nu-Vintage Pop—Today's Hits, Time Traveled, listen to modern pop hits through a historic lens.

Emily Bear Ventures into Pop

The Berklee student, already a successful jazz pianist and composer at 18, talks to the BIRN about exploring new musical territory.  

How Amanda Addleman Used Music to Work Through PTSD

Addleman B.M. '09 always assumed she had stage fright, but after years of not being able to shake it she sought help and learned that she had something else: post-traumatic stress disorder.

Listen to the Berklee Artists Who Made 2019's Best Music

Whether it was pop, hip-hop, indie, bluegrass, or jazz, Berklee artists performed and produced some of this year’s most critically acclaimed tracks.