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Trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius

Artists from Berklee and Beyond Featured at 2018 BAMS Fest

Listen to Berklee artists who will perform at the BAMS Festival, such as Niya Norwood, Alonzo Demetrius, and RickExpress.

The Rare Occasions and More, Live from the Red Room

Tune in to the BIRN on June 21 to hear a live broadcast from the Red Room at Cafe 939 in which the retro pop band will be joined by Colbis the Creature and RVRCT.


Omar Hakim on the Melting Pot of American Music

The drummer, composer, and producer has performed with the biggest names in music without becoming typecast.

Elise LeGrow and Ben Aler Live from the Red Room

Tune in to the BIRN on June 20 to hear a live broadcast of the powerhouse vocalist's set from the Red Room at Cafe 939, also including guitarist and vocalist Ben Aler.


Pablo Munguía on Shaping the Future of Music

Pablo Munguía discusses helping students push the frontiers of music and technology, and reuniting with Justin Timberlake for the Super Bowl halftime show.

Alison Plante on How She Helps Create the Next Film Scorers

The award-winning composer and chair of the Film Scoring Department discusses her plans for preparing those interested in careers in scoring for film, TV, video games, and other visual media.

Erin Barra-Jean Rethinks How Songwriters Use Technology

Erin Barra-Jean talks about her anti-tech roots and why she pushes songwriters to use technology to achieve their vision.

Felice Pomeranz on the Versatility of a Harp Career

In this episode of Sounds of Berklee, Felice Pomeranz shares her experiences crafting more inclusive, creative, and sustainable career opportunities for harpists.

Ciaran Lavery to Appear on BIRN Alive

Tune in on June 23 to hear an interview and performance by the Irish singer-songwriter. His show at the Red Room will also air live later that evening.


Berklee Presents: Arrangements

Hear students arrange versions of their favorite songs.


Berklee Presents: Original Music

Listen to original tracks from Berklee students.


Songs Featured in the 2018 Commencement Concert

Relive this year's commencement concert track by track.