How technology can help produce art

Berklee Now Series

High Fidelity Music Streaming: Can You Tell the Difference?

Berklee faculty Jonathan Wyner, Erin Barra, Prince Charles Alexander, and Sean Slade weigh in on music streaming quality and whether it matters.

Berklee and Halo Neuroscience Announce Collaboration To Accelerate Music Learning

Can a pair of headphones help you learn music faster, practice more efficiently, and increase creativity?

What If You Could Use Virtual Reality to Learn an Instrument?

Shirly Spikes, an electronic production and design major and CEO of Virtuo Studios, shares her insights into the rapidly evolving industry of virtual reality and its potential to transform music education.

Five Electronic Digital Instruments That Are Changing Music

Ableton Push, Novation Launchpad, Akai MPC Live, Teenage Engineering OP-1, and Roli Seaboard are transforming the way music is made. 

A Buyer's Guide to Vintage Drum Machines

Erik Hawkins offers tips for buying vintage drum machines, including what to look for and the best models for musicians on a budget.

Take Note

You Already Have Everything You Need to Make Music

Our ability to create great art comes from within, not from the gear we don’t own.

Take Note

Erin Barra Rethinks How Songwriters Use Technology

Erin Barra talks about her anti-tech roots and why she pushes songwriters to use technology to achieve their vision.

How Technology Enhances Live Performance

From 4D sound to holograms to Ableton Live, there are a host of ways that technology can improve live performance. 

Music Business Journal

The Spell of Virtual Reality

The next frontier of a musical experience may well happen inside a specially designed virtual reality headset.

Music Business Journal

The Power of Playlisting

Learn why it's important to have your music on streaming platforms and playlists. 

Music Business Journal

The Making of a Spatialized Audio Production

This immersive 360 audio and visual experience, led by Yao Wang, involves more than 50 students across seven majors.