Live Performances

Live performances from bands and ensembles

Sheila del Bosque Trio - 'Si Mi Isla Fuese Niño'

The Sheila del Bosque Trio performs her original "Si mi isla fuese niño" (If My Island Were a Child) live at Berklee.

Berklee Now Series

Lage Lund Trio - 'Hard Eights'

The Lage Lund Trio performs "Hard Eights" at the Red Room at Cafe 939 as part of The Checkout–Live at Berklee.

John Abercrombie Tribute - 'Open Land'

This tribute concert for alumnus John Abercrombie, live at the Berklee Performance Center, was produced by Guitar Department faculty Rick Peckham.

The Kiss - 'All I Long to See'

"All I Long to See" is from the musical The Kiss, with book and lyrics by Cheryl Coons and music by Peter Eldridge. The Kiss was directed by Rene Pfister and Kristin Bohr, with students Jacklyn Riha serving as music director and conductor, and Joey Epstein as assistant conductor.

Mom Rock - 'Conversation'

Mom Rock performs their original song, "Conversation." The band includes Curtis Heimburger (acoustic guitar and vocals), Josh Polack (electric guitar and vocals), Tara Maggiulli (bass and vocals), and Wilson Reardon (drums).

Laura Escudé - Transmute (Innovate: The Berklee Electronic Digital Instrument)

Laura Escudé performs her original, "Transmute," with an ensemble of students performing with electronic digital instruments.

Antonio Hart - 'Stars Fell on Alabama' (Live at Berklee)

Alumnus Antonio Hart performs "Stars Fell on Alabama" during the concert the Art of the Tenor: Celebrating Bill Pierce.

Mary Lou Williams - 'In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee'

The Mary Lou Williams standard "In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee" was arranged and performed by Nikos Chatzitsakos and his Tiny Big Band.

Nicolas Ejchenbaun - 'Crystal Clear' (Live at Berklee)

Nicolas Ejchenbaun '19 performs his original, "Crystal Clear," live-looping drums, percussion, and keyboard. This piece was performed in one take with no overdubs.

Joni Mitchell - 'Both Sides, Now' (Larry Klein Meets Berklee)

This performance of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides, Now" features vocalist Marlon Solomon and a student orchestra led by conductor Julius Williams as part of the concert Larry Klein Meets Berklee, featuring one of our generation’s most versatile and prolific musicians and producers.

Metallica - 'The Unforgiven' (Metallica Dance Project at Berklee)

Metallica’s “The Unforgiven" was recorded by Christiane Karam's Pletenitsa Balkan Choir. This version of the song was arranged by Karam and Alya Izumchensky.

Paquito D'Rivera and Berta Rojas - 'Las Abejas'

Paquito D'Rivera and Berta Rojas perform "Las Abejas" by Agustín Barrios Mangoré and arranged by Aida de Moya, based on an arrangement by Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo. This performance was part of the concert Paquito D'Rivera and Berta Rojas Meet Berklee.

Papuna Sharikadze Trio - 'TJ and Max'

Pianist Papuna Sharikadze performs his original composition "TJ and Max" with Soso Gelovani on bass and Tyson Jackson on drums. The performance was recorded live at the Berklee Performance Center.