Studio Sessions

Band and ensemble recordings


Game of Thrones Medley

Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee students present a medley of themes composed by Ramin Djawadi B.M. ’98 for Game of Thrones

Jaylon Black - 'Bass Heavy'

Violinist and bassist Jaylon Black performs his original "Bass Heavy" at Berklee College of Music with Jason Betts II on drums, Thomas Antonio Debelian on percussion, Justin Peterson on bass, Haein Kim on keys, and Josh Porter on guitar.

Jodie Michael New Trio - Paul Motian's 'Drum Music'

Drummer Jodie Michael performs Paul Motian's "Drum Music" with Alex Johnson on tenor saxophone and Jacob Jezioro on bass. The musicians graduated from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute's master's degree program in 2019.

Mason Williams - 'Classical Gas' (Performed by Jason Ji)

Berklee guitar principal Jason Ji performs "Classical Gas" with strings. The composition is originally by Mason Williams and won three Grammy Awards in 1969 for Best Instrumental Composition, Best Contemporary-Pop Performance Instrumental, and Best Instrumental Arrangement.

murphy. - 'Arroyos'

The band murphy. performs its original "Arroyos," recorded by the Music Production and Engineering Department's visiting artist Steve Albini on Berklee's Shames Family Scoring Stage. The track was written by student Sam Stallings and mixed by student Logan Haynes.

Berklee Indian Ensemble - Metallica's 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'

The brainchild of Mirek Vana, the Metallica Project at Berklee is a Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Berklee College of Music collaboration featuring four different musical styles, one of which is Indian music. This arrangement is by Yoel Genin, an alumnus of Berklee and the Berklee Indian Ensemble.