Music Business/Management

The Music Business/Management Department offers students the opportunity to learn about the business side of music.

Whether you're interested in becoming a professional musician or a music business professional, the Music Business/Management Department will teach you what you need to know in order to market your talents and ensure your success.

For music business/management majors, the department also coordinates internship placements.

Learn more about the Music Business/Management Department in this video:


The Accelerated M.B.A. Program

Students who successfully complete the Music Business/Management program and earn a bachelor of music degree from Berklee may apply for acceptance to the Suffolk University Accelerated MBA program for Berklee students.

Through a special arrangement, students in this program may receive credit for Berklee coursework in the Music Business/Management major towards an M.B.A. from Suffolk University. Nearly a semester of the four-semester Suffolk program is eligible for course-waiver consideration, saving you considerable time and cost in earning this valuable degree.

Acceptance to the M.B.A. program and course-waiver considerations are based on (1) the achievement of a 3.00 GPA or above, (2) a minimum grade of B in required courses, (3) a GMAT score of at least 450, and (4) any additional requirements necessary for admission to Suffolk University. This "fast track" program is intended to support your chosen career path in the music industry—whether entrepreneurial, or specializing in music products or management—and put you in the job market as well-prepared and quickly as possible.

For more information, contact Berklee's Music Business/Management Department or the Office of Graduate Admissions at Suffolk University, or visit the Suffolk University website. Suffolk University also holds information sessions several times during the year. You may contact the Suffolk Graduate Admissions Office at 617 573-8302.

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