Ralph Jaccodine

Assistant Professor
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  • Career Highlights
    • Provide management services to Livingston Taylor, Ellis Paul, Eric Andersen, Flynn, Rebecca Loebe, and Shun Ng
    • Promoted concerts with Rush, KISS, Bruce Springsteen, Hall & Oates, Kansas, Neil Young, Todd Rungren, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, Kansas, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Yes, and Poco
    • Other professional distinctions include being the former concert director of the University of Notre Dame; starting Black Wolf Records in 1992; and serving as president of Ralph Jaccodine Management, and artist management company, since 1992 
    • On Board of Directors for Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts, since 2004 and the Folk Alliance International since 2013
    • On the Board of Hope Collaborative since 2014
  • Awards
    • Recipient of 2015 Dean's Award for Innovation and Service, Professional Music Department
  • Education
    • B.A., University of Notre Dame, 1981, economics
    • M.B.A. certificate, Boston University, 2009, entrepreneurial studies

In Their Own Words

"When I’m with my students, I very much feel like I’m talking to fellow travelers in this business of music. In the past to current day, I’ve promoted concerts, run a record label and headed a personal management company. The most exciting thing about being a teacher­ is to set off sparks ... to discuss, debate, and dive into current topics and trends. I challenge my students like I challenge my business partners and clients. Bringing my day job and years of experience into the classroom helps to stir up inspiring and enlightening classes."

"I have been in the trenches of the music business running an artist management company and an independent record label for over the past 20+ years. My interest and enthusiasm in the music business has never been greater. The opportunities for Berklee artists and music industry students has been changing at a breakneck pace. We will talk about the qualities of inspirational entrepreneurship, the power of technology and importance of grit in leading the way to success."

"Six days a week I am in the trenches of the music business. I’m managing a full roster of world-class artists, promoting new music, and dealing with the music industry on a daily basis. I then go into class at Berklee, sit down with talented students, and talk about the music business I am implanted in. We have books, reading materials, and a syllabus, but I’m also talking about what I deal with on a daily basis at the day job. I think that’s what’s fascinating for me and the students—we can talk about fundraising campaigns, creating  a good publicity/marketing campaign, how to bring in the money, the roles of the intermediaries, and how music can make this world of ours a better place. It is an inspired situation!"

"If students come to Berklee, they’re going to school and networking with the next generation of the music business. So there’s a lot of value to looking around the classroom and figuring out the people who you can do partnerships with, who you can manage, or who you can get a job with or hire someday. It’s a great petri dish of talent, and students are going to graduate, get out in the music world, the entrepreneurial world, the entertainment world, or the management world, and they’re going to do great things ... this is the Berklee way."