Jeff Dorenfeld

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  • Career Highlights


    • B.A., California State University - Sonoma
    • Graduate studies, Golden Gate University
    • Former manager of the multiplatinum band Boston
    • Former tour manager/lighting designer for platinum artist Sammy Hagar
    • Former tour accountant for multiplatinum artist Ozzy Osbourne
    • Vice president, SR&D, manufacturer of Rockman signal processors
    • President of Dorren Productions
    • Corecipient of Person of the Year for Hospice of America
    • Faculty advisor for Heavy Rotation Records

In Their Own Words

"The music business is about relationships, at every level. Which means that if you're the manager of an artist, you are the first person that someone from the record label or an agency is going to meet. So their judgment is of you—even before your artists. You can have an effect on whether they're going to be interested in your artist."

"Personality is very important. That doesn't mean that everyone has to have that same personality, or the 'manager personality.' I think most personalities can succeed as long as you understand who you are and how you're going to put your project and your planning together. Don't try to be someone you're not, though, because that's almost impossible."

"We feel we prepare our students for the real world. I've had students who've gone straight from my course to tours or to management companies, so I know they're prepared to do that. But they still have to take what they learn in the course and apply it—they still have to get on-the-job training out there."