Joseph Miglio

Associate Professor
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In Their Own Words

"I was a vocalist in college, but my background is in organizational development, administration and management. These days, I only perform when people are excessively in need and when the karaoke bar is really dead."

"What I like about teaching is that there's a reciprocal relationship in everything we do. There's opportunity for the teacher to be the learner and the learner to be the teacher.  I've had as many enjoyable and selfishly educational conversations with students outside of class as I've had inside of it."

"I think one of the most significant things that we can do inside of the music business program is to really look at the best practices that are going on in business and within the music industry itself. There's been significant adoption of new models in business over the last five years, and probably over the next ten years you're going to see even more strategic changes."

"The music business, it's like in any line of work: The more that someone's got a passion, the more that they're voracious in terms of learning about the historical as well as the present state of the business, the more they know about their business, the better they are a part of the business."

"The fact is whether you are a performing artist exclusively or moving rapidly into a music business/management career, you've got to have an understanding of both sides of the house. You've got to understand what it means to be a performer. Which is where these students are really so great, all of them come with an expectation of having some performance understanding."

"At the same time, I would love every student inside of Berklee to understand that your music is a part of your business portfolio. You need to learn something about business. You can't leave your careers in the hands of another individual. You've got to have an active and immediate role in understanding the face and future of what you're trying to do. And that's what business teaches you."