Equity Training

The Equity and Title IX team is happy to offer workshops/trainings to Berklee students, faculty, and/or staff. To request a training for your class, residence hall, student group, academic/staff department, or other group, please email equity@berklee.edu. Please allow at least three weeks for your request prior to your preferred date. You can learn about the Diversity and Inclusion offerings here.

If you would like a training for a topic you don’t see below, please email equity@berklee.edu.

Supporting Students and Colleagues: The Role of Responsible Employees (60–90 minutes)

This presentation is designed to inform and empower our community about policies, procedures, and resources related to the Berklee Equity Policy. In our roles as responsible employees, we can take active steps to ensure that every community member can work, learn, and teach in an environment that is safe and inclusive. All Berklee employees are considered responsible employees (with the exception of licensed professional counselors acting in that professional capacity), meaning they must report violations or potential violations of the Equity Policy that they observe or become aware of.

Bystander Intervention Training (60–90 minutes)

Do you want to learn what you can do to create a safe environment for all members of the Berklee community? Sexual violence prevention is everyone's responsibility. In this interactive workshop, students of all genders will learn tools to recognize potentially sexually violent situations and safely intervene, as well as resources to support survivors of sexual violence in our community.

Presentations by Request

The Equity team is available to conduct 45–90 minute presentations/workshops by request for student groups, classes, residence halls, and academic/staff departments.

These programs are focused on topics related to sexual and relationship violence prevention, such as:

  • Introduction to the Equity team, Equity Policy, and responsible employee policy;
  • Understanding consent;
  • Bystander intervention for sexual violence prevention; and
  • Healthy relationships and intimate partner violence/dating violence awareness.

Additionally, the Equity team can tailor programs to meet the needs of the group.

Berklee leadership participates in an equity training facilitated by Grand River Solutions. The presentation materials created for this training are accessible here: