Equity Policy Violations Reporting Form

Berklee takes seriously all reports of equity and Title IX policy violations. This form is one way to submit reports of violations. You can also directly contact Sarah Onori, assistant vice president of equity and Title IX/Title IX coordinator, at 617-747-6671 or equity@berklee.edu.

Berklee can address reports most completely when we communicate with the people reporting. The benefits of direct reporting include a greater ability for Berklee to understand the incident; provide resources, support, and options to those reporting; and address the behavior fully, including via investigation. We do, however, accept anonymous reports. Those wishing to report anonymously may submit this form without identifying information. They may submit it in person without identifying themselves, via a third party, or from an anonymous email service.

If you choose to submit a report anonymously, please note that Berklee will strive to fully respond, but anonymous reporting significantly limits our ability to do so. By submitting this form anonymously, your information cannot be identified.

If you submit this form with your name or contact information, the chief equity officer/Title IX coordinator or one of their deputies will contact you to offer information about support, resources, and reporting/resolution options. You are not required to reply to this invitation, nor are you required to participate in any Berklee process at all, excepting the reporting obligations of responsible employees.

View information about confidential resources.

Please complete this form as much as possible. If you do not have all the information listed, you can leave some fields blank.

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