Get Help Now

Immediate Action

If you have been subjected to or witnessed physical violence of any type, get to a safe place as soon as possible, and call a trusted friend or advocate.

If you have been subjected to sexual violence, consider seeking a sexual assault exam. Take care to preserve any evidence of the incident, even if you are undecided about whether you will file a claim or take legal action. Should you choose to do so, this evidence may assist in proving that a criminal offense occurred or obtaining a protection order.

The following resources are available 24 hours per day:

  • Berklee Public Safety: 617-747-8888 Berklee Public Safety will assist you if you feel you are in immediate danger. If there is an after-hours mental health emergency, Berklee Public Safety can connect you with Berklee's on-call counselor or emergency support that is local to you.
  • Boston Police Department: 617-343-4400
  • The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) Hotline: 800-841-8371 Call BARCC’s 24/7 confidential hotline, or use their online chatline for confidential support, crisis counseling, and information. You can also use this form to request an appointment or counseling with BARCC.
  • Casa Myrna: 877-785-2020 Call the confidential, multilingual Massachusetts SafeLink domestic violence hotline 24/7 for information, support, and resources.

Review this list of additional off-campus resources.