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Immediate Action

If you have been subjected to or witnessed physical violence of any type, the first step is always the same: get to a safe place as soon as possible, and call a trusted friend or advocate.

If you have been subjected to physical violence, consider seeking medical attention. Take care to preserve any evidence of the incident, even if you are undecided about whether you will file a claim or take legal action. Should you choose to do so, this evidence may assist in proving that a criminal offense occurred or may be helpful in obtaining a protection order.

The following resources are available 24 hours per day:

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident that is not consistent with Berklee’s philosophy on a safe and inclusive community, you may consider contacting:

  • Sarah Onori, Assistant Vice President of Equity Title IX/Title IX Coordinator, 921 Boylston Street; 617-747-6671; (Note that contacting the Title IX coordinator for support does not require you to file a report.)
  • Eileen Alviti, Vice President of Human Resources, 855 Boylston Street, Room 4A; 617-747-2375;

Learn more about reporting options here, and find a list of off-campus resources.