Get Help Now

Immediate Action

If you have been subject or witness to physical violence of any type, the first step is always the same: get to a safe place as soon as possible and call a trusted friend or advocate.

If you have been subject to physical violence, consider seeking medical attention. Take care to preserve any evidence of the incident, even if you are undecided about whether you will file a claim or take legal action. Should you choose to do so, this may assist in proving that a criminal offense occurred or be helpful in obtaining a protection order.

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident that is not consistent with Berklee’s philosophy on a safe and inclusive community, you may consider contacting:

Kelly Downes

Chief Equity Officer and Title IX Coordinator
921 Boylston Street

Contacting the Title IX coordinator for support does not require you to file a report.

Human Resources
Eileen Alviti

Vice President of Human Resources
855 Boylston Street
room 4A

Berklee Public Safety

Berklee Public Safety will assist you if you feel you are in immediate danger.

Boston Police Department


The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) Hotline

Call BARCC’s 24/7 hotline for confidential support, crisis counseling, and information. You can also use this form to request an appointment or counseling with BARCC.

Other Off-Campus Resources
Berklee Counseling Services

Berklee Counseling Services provides confidential individual counseling and psychotherapy, and can provide referrals.

Your Rights

If you have experienced or witnessed any act that violates Berklee's Equity Policy and Process, we are here to support you.

If applicable, you have rights under Title IX—a federal law designed to protect people from gender-based and/or sex-based discrimination in education programs—to take action so Berklee can help you reduce the effects of an assault or harassment and eliminate a hostile environment. Every member of the Berklee community deserves to be treated fairly and with respect.

Discrimination and misconduct of any form is not acceptable in our community. We urge you to seek help and come forward so that we can support you and work to eliminate violence in our community. Please remember, it is never your fault, and we will do whatever we can to help.

Your key rights specifically in regards to Title IX are:

  • prompt and equitable resolution of a sexual assault complaint;
  • reasonable interim support measures, such as change in housing or academic accommodations and interim modifications to normal employment functions; and
  • to be free from any form of retaliation for reporting or participating in a reporting/investigative process.

We are committed to providing you comprehensive and compassionate care that meets whatever additional needs you may have, restores justice, and ensures the safety of our community.

Your Options

Confidential Resources

Individuals who have been subject to discrimination, harassment, sex or gender-based misconduct, or any other conduct prohibited by the Equity Policy and Process are encouraged to seek support for their emotional and physical needs. A person seeking confidential emotional or health care may contact the following resources.

Berklee encourages individuals seeking confidential resources to ask the resource to outline their confidentiality limits at the beginning of a conversation.

A report to a confidential resource listed below is not a report to Berklee and will not result in remedial action or an investigation or disciplinary action. Confidential resources are there to support emotional, physical, and spiritual needs only; any person who desires for Berklee to take investigatory/disciplinary action must make a report to one of the College Reporting resources, listed below this section.

For students, the following staff members within the student health and wellness team are confidential resources:

  • Professional counselors in the Office of Counseling Services, 617-747-2310, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • For after-hours emergencies, contact the Public Safety emergency line at 617-747-8888 and ask to speak to the on-call counselor. Personal counselors in the Office of Counseling Services are experienced in working with individuals who have experienced trauma, including trauma from sexual violence.

These individuals will maintain the confidentiality of a report unless they are given permission to share information by the person who disclosed the information, there is an imminent threat of harm to self or others, the conduct involves suspected abuse of a minor under the age of 18, or as otherwise required or permitted by law or court order.

For employees:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
E 4 Health, Inc.


Interim Support Measures: Housing, Academic, and Workplace

Whether or not you choose to file a complaint, you have the right to academic, housing, and other interim support measures to help you continue with your day-to-day life and goals at Berklee. The chief equity officer or another member of the Equity Leadership Team will provide these measures if they are reasonably available.

Medical Attention


Reporting Options


Other Resources