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November Updates 

For the Equity and Title IX team, November has been dedicated to cross-departmental collaboration and sharing resources with the Berklee community. Although the month doesn't have a national theme that we’re bringing awareness to, we've made sure to focus on our Berklee community through presentations and events. 

Event Highlights

Play your Part 

The Equity and Title IX office presented Play Your Part: Improving the Culture at Berklee through Bystander Intervention for students, faculty, and staff.

Active bystander intervention training is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to make a difference in their community. The active bystander intervention training provided participants with the resources to: 

  • define active bystander intervention and understand the factors that influence your ability to intervene successfully; 
  • articulate the 5 Ds of bystander intervention;
  • and use the 5 D’s to safely and effectively intervene in sexual and identity-based harassment.

Empower Hour

The office hosted Empower Hour, an opportunity for students to understand empowerment and partner with different campus departments to display an equitable experience. Each student should have an equitable experience wherever they are. From Campus Life to Academic Affairs, students should feel empowered to walk in their truth, navigate their college experience, and know they are supported in whatever decision they make. 


Mason Bynes of the Career Center, second from left, provided so much wisdom to students on how to prepare for their careers during the most recent Empower Hour!

We have one more Empower Hour scheduled this semester on December 4 in collaboration with Campus Life!