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March Update 


Pregnancy and Parenting Adjustments and Accommodations for Students

A recent update in Federal Title IX law expanded the law to include access to academic modifications and accommodations to pregnant and parenting students. The Equity and Title IX team is pleased to announce that we have finalized our policy on this!

Students may visit the Pregnancy and Parenting Students section (login required) of our website to learn more about what kinds of accommodations are available to those who are managing health conditions related to pregnancy or need modifications to allow students to care for their children. 


Students may request adjustments based on general pregnancy needs, including pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination or loss of pregnancy, or recovery therefrom.

Additionally, students may request a disability accommodation based on a chronic pregnancy-related medical condition or exacerbated symptoms of pregnancy, which may include, extreme/chronic morning sickness, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia.

What types of adjustments may I request?

  • Providing a larger desk or unattached desk and chair in classrooms 
  • Access to lactation rooms on campus
  • Rescheduling tests or exams due to pregnancy or related conditions 
  • Submitting work after a deadline due to pregnancy, related conditions, or childbirth 
  • Breaks during class, as needed
  • Excusing absences due to pregnancy or related conditions 
  • Allowing excused absences for parenting students (this includes both parents, when applicable) who need to take their children to doctors’ appointments or take care of their sick children

How do I request an adjustment?

Students may submit requests for pregnancy related adjustments using the following form.


Note: You may also upload any medical documentation that supports your request for an adjustment at the bottom of the online form.

Completed forms will be sent and reviewed by the assistant vice president of equity and Title IX/Title IX coordinator, who will reach out to the student to set up a meeting to discuss the adjustment/accommodation process and details of their request. 

Students may also directly reach out to the assistant vice president of equity and Title IX/Title IX coordinator to ask any questions or directly request an adjustment:

Assistant Vice President of Equity and Title IX/Title IX Coordinator Sarah Onori

Specific adjustments will be handled on a case-by-case basis and will depend on medical need and academic requirements.

How do I request a disability accommodation related to exacerbated symptoms from pregnancy?

In certain situations, a student may request a reasonable accommodation due to a chronic pregnancy-related medical condition or exacerbated symptoms from pregnancy, which may include extreme/chronic morning sickness, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia.

Accommodation requests should be directed to Accessibility Resources for Students (ARS). Accessibility Resources provides accommodations for students with disabilities. Students will need to register with Accessibility Resources in order to request an accommodation. Please note that Accessibility Resources may ask students to provide medical documentation that supports the requested accommodation.

Students may contact Accessibility Resources or schedule a meeting with their access advisor to for more information.

How do I get connected to pregnancy-related medical care and support resources?

Berklee’s Case Management can help students locate available pregnancy-related medical care and support resources, including:

  • Finding mental health counseling specifically for pregnant or parenting students 
  • Locating eligible medical providers including an OB-GYN, primary care providers, pediatrician, doula, midwife, and lactation consultant 
  • Assistance navigating health insurance benefits for pregnant students Information applying for WIC, which is a state-run food assistance for women, children, and infants 
  • Receiving safer sex supplies, which is free, at no cost, to students in need

Students can contact Case Management by scheduling an in-person or virtual meeting with a case manager.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Equity and Title IX team with any questions about qualifying conditions, modification details, and the request process at The Equity and Title IX Office is proud to be able to support our students through these important life events.