Guidelines for Employers Seeking Interns

If you’re an employer looking to hire a Berklee intern, review the guidelines below, and then visit our Hire Berklee Talent page to get started.


Berklee defines an internship as a semester-long, supervised experience in which a student is engaged in work that is relevant to their studies. This work experience must take place for a minimum number of hours (either 70 or 140, depending on the student's academic course) spread over a period of at least 10 weeks.

To see when your Berklee student intern is eligible to work with your organization, you can view our academic calendar. Internships must take place during one college semester. Note that your internship posting should be for a future semester (i.e., not a semester that's already underway).

To participate in Berklee's internship program with the Berklee Career Manager, you and your organization must comply with all equal employment opportunity (EEO) standards.

Per the U.S. Department of Labor and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Berklee College of Music internship employers must provide a wage and/or require their Berklee intern to enroll in academic credit for their work. For more information, please read the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) position papers on compensation and unpaid internships.

Employers must verify that international students have valid internship authorization for the duration of their internship.

As a private institution of higher education and to protect the members of our community, Berklee College of Music maintains a strict no solicitation and advertising policy. As such, Berklee will not accept internship postings that require students to solicit and/or recruit from within our community. Any vendor who wishes to sell products or services on campus should email the college's Procurement Services office.

We will not post any job or internship position that requires a financial investment on the part of our students or alumni. Any interaction with Berklee students and alumni must be in compliance with the NACE principles for professional conduct.

In addition, we will not accept any postings from third-party vendors unless the vendor is recruiting for its own organization, nor will we accept positions from organizations that place applicants in volunteer or paid positions with other organizations.

Berklee reserves the right to edit, delete, or refuse any employer profile, job posting, or login account at any time.

Berklee reserves the right to advertise all positions within the Berklee community as well as via social media.

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