Career Center and Talent Relations Ambassadors

Career Center Graduate Assistants

Grace Bush

Grace Bush (she/her) is in her second year in the Master of Music in music education program at the Conservatory, and she is originally from Miami, Florida. Her career goal is to open up opportunities in the arts to students who are underserved, underprivileged, and overlooked. She looks forward to getting out of the Miami heat, getting to be of assistance wherever she can, and contributing fresh and new ideas.

Christine Chen

Christine Chen (she/her) was born and raised in Calgary. She began her violin studies at the age of 3 and her piano studies at the age of 6. She is an alumnus of the academy program at Mount Royal University Conservatory and the Calgary Youth Orchestra. As a child, she participated in competitions such as the Canadian Music Competition and won many awards at the Kiwanis Festival. She earned her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees from the University of Calgary, where she studied under Edmond Agopian and her second instrument was studied with Lana Henchell. Currently, she is working on the Graduate Performance Diploma at Boston Conservatory at Berklee studying under Lynn Chang. Though at the Conservatory, she really enjoys performing in College shows, recording sessions, and College orchestras.

Adam Moxness

Adam Moxness (he/him) is a vocalist, performer, mentor, and educator. Prior to coming to Berklee, he served as a manager/executive producer mentoring students in their leadership roles on the university campus. He is passionate about advising and counseling others. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in worship arts from Judson University and is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts in musical theater vocal pedagogy from Boston Conservatory. In his role as a teacher, he is deeply involved in the arts and theater education. An enthusiastic and passionate performer from the stage to the classroom, he has taught with multiple children’s theater companies and currently manages his own private voice and music studio. On a more personal note, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, traveling the world, fitness, and food. Fun fact: he is a professional painter.

Senior Career Center Ambassador

Jackson Ulmer

Jackson Ulmer (he/him) is a seventh-semester guitarist majoring in songwriting at the College. He's originally from Birmingham, Alabama. His career goals are to work as a songwriter while pursuing broader opportunities in the entertainment field. In his work in the Career Center, he's looking forward to assisting students with their post-graduation plans, working on student outreach to create a more career-focused Berklee community, and helping plan the annual Career Jam event.

Career Center Ambassadors

Emme Cannon

Emme Cannon (she/her) grew up in Virginia, surrounded by mountains. At a young age, she started to get involved in voice lessons, regional musical theater, and songwriting. Currently studying professional music, Cannon has been part of many Berklee productions and has honed her skills as a performer. She has also developed an appreciation for the behind-the-scenes world of live production and recording. She aspires to have a steady career as an independent artist while continuing to learn in the area of creative direction, in hopes of one day producing her own aurally and visually immersive shows. She is ecstatic about working with the Career Center team and learning from and working with everyone.

Jasmine Forest

Jasmine Forrest (she/her) began dancing at the age of 3 at Pacific Northwest Ballet in Bellevue, Washington. Her early childhood was spent singing and dancing for family members and friends at dinner parties, events, and at her church. She took singing lessons for a couple of years before focusing more on dance as she began to spend more hours training at PNB. Some years later, Jasmine was cast in The Nutcracker at McCaw Hall for two seasons before choosing to depart from Pacific Northwest at age 10 to train as a competitive dancer. Prior to graduating in 2019, she was accepted to Boston Conservatory at Berklee to receive a Bachelor of Fine Art in contemporary dance. While at the Conservatory, Forrest had the opportunity to work and correspond with Margot Gelber, Victor Quijada, Tia Fuller, and Demi Brow, and finished off her junior year performing at the Berklee Performance Center. Her passion for teaching was fostered by Kurt Douglas and has inspired her to choreograph her own works. After graduating, Forrest aspires to perform with artists around the world and plans to combine her training to perform and teach young Black girls and boys to diversify the dance industry.

Adalia Martin

Adalia Martin (she/her) is a third-semester vocalist from Boston, looking to major in contemporary writing and production. Her career goal is to be a successful performer, writer, and producer, and her dream would be to perform for large crowds while also ghostwriting for other artists. In her work in the Career Center, she is hoping to learn, make friends and connections, and help people in the Berklee community.

Khaleb Roberts

Khaleb Roberts (he/him) is a third-semester voice principal from Riverview, Florida, aspiring to major in professional music with concentrations in composition and vocal performance. His long-term career goal is to direct high school choir to inspire the next generation of musicians. For now, he would like to just work on perfecting his craft as a musician so that he set an example for the students he teaches. In relation to his work at the career center, he looks forward to learning about different potential careers he can pursue as well as helping other students realize their goals and aspirations.

Talent Relations Ambassadors

Jordan Hall

Jordan Hall (he/them) is a second-year musical theater major at the Conservatory. Hall is an actor, singer, dancer, and director studying to further his career in the arts. His career goal is to act. He loves acting in any capacity and wants to continue to expand his career onscreen. Hall has been performing in many different mediums since the age of 10. Some of his most notable roles are: Young Simba in Disney’s The Lion King, Young Michael Jackson in Motown, Young Pray Tell on Season 3 of POSE on FX, and most recently as Nasir in The Equalizer on CBS. In his work at the Career Center, Hall mostly helps to match Conservatory/College students with performance and networking opportunities that match their skill set. He is super passionate about getting other students at Berklee the opportunities to showcase their talent on multiple platforms and really pushing them to be the best they can be.

Lilly Patterson

Lilly Patterson (she/her) is an eighth-semester multi-instrumentalist majoring in contemporary writing and production (CWP) and represents the Berklee Career Center as a talent relations ambassador. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Patterson composes, arranges, and produces for a number of Berklee artists/ensembles. Her career goal is to continue exploring each of the industry’s multifaceted avenues in an effort to achieve artistic self-sustainability. Through her work with the Career Center, she has developed a deep passion for scouting and supporting underrepresented talent.

Daniel Ramos

Daniel Ramos (he/him) is a sixth-semester Berklee College of Music student from Cumana, Venezuela, majoring in music business/management with minors in creative entrepreneurship and psychology. Ramos is passionate about working with new talent that seeks guidance in developing their artistry and finding new talent that gets him inspired and wanting more. His career goals include helping artists expand their portfolios and allowing them to seize any opportunities given. At the Career Center, Ramos focuses on searching for and developing Berklee talent while providing them with real-world industry opportunities.

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