Berklee Fellowships for Undergraduates

You're Going Places

Take your internship to the next level by applying to a Berklee funded fellowship, which offers advanced learning opportunities to high-performing students. If selected, you could gain funding for career opportunities in places ranging from Boston and India to Valencia, Spain and Los Angeles.

Funded Fellowships 

The following programs are designed to fund undergraduate and graduate students to work in their chosen field:

  • BerkleeICE Fellowships: Sponsored internships that pair you with select employers in the new media, creative, and technology industries.
  • Watcher Fellowships: Supports experiential learning and networking opportunities in the Los Angeles area.

Additional funded fellowships designed specifically for graduate students are also available.

What the Fellowships Give You

Berklee fellowships are designed to:

  • Stimulate and support the launching of your career as a promising musician, scholar, teacher, or other music industry professional;
  • Support the development of pedagogical skills for you as an artist, scholar, teacher, or music industry professional;
  • Immerse you in industry, educational, and creative environments;
  • Foster your innovation and creativity; and
  • Provide support to Berklee educational and industry partners.

Application Process

Fellowships are highly competitive. You must demonstrate significant achievement as well as significant promise, and be comfortable working in an international environment of artists, musicians, scholars, and entrepreneurs.

For additional application information for each fellowship use the menu above.