Film Composer Pedro Osuna Reinvents Himself with Every Score

In this episode of Sounds of Berklee, Osuna talks about embracing deadlines, working in L.A., and finding his compositional voice.

November 5, 2019

We tend to think of a career as something that comes after education. You study it, then you do it. For recent film scoring alumnus and composer Pedro Osuna '19, it’s more like: you study it while you do it. A native of Granada, Spain, he started working with film composers at age 16, and by age 17 he had orchestrated his first documentary. At Berklee he continued to work on films and concert music, and landed an internship in Los Angeles with film composer Lucas Vidal B.M. '07 (Fast & Furious 6, ESPN's 2016 Olympic theme) that almost didn't happen, due to the cost of living in L.A. But a Berklee fellowship through the Career Center helped make it possible, and he started getting job offers from around the world as a direct result of his work with Vidal. In his final year at Berklee, he was awarded the Georges Delerue Scholarship, the Film Scoring Department’s highest honor.

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"The Kid with Lonely Eyes" by Pedro Osuna:

"Descendants of String" by Pedro Osuna:

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