Berklee Awards $1.5 Million in Scholarships in Puerto Rico

Margot Edwards
June 20, 2018
Press release

Individual scholarships of up to $30,000 include opportunities to study at Berklee's Boston campus, online, and more.

Scholarship recipients at Berklee in Puerto Rico.
Image by Joe Colon studio

Berklee in Puerto Rico celebrated the close of its 24th edition with a concert featuring more than a dozen ensembles composed of program participants, and awarded more than $1.5 million in scholarships to 24 young musicians from the island. The scholarships range from $2,000 to $30,000 per student, and include undergraduate study at Berklee’s Boston campus, Berklee Online classes, and opportunities to attend the Five-Week Summer Performance Program and participate in the Berklee Global Jazz Workshop at the Newport Jazz Festival.

"Absolutely happy with the results, especially given the many difficulties we faced this year,” said Luis Alvarez, founder of Make Music Happen Inc., who partnered with Berklee on this year’s event. “The significant financial assistance from Berklee confirms the institution's commitment to this noble program. We have already begun preparations for the 25th anniversary celebration with great enthusiasm and a sense of satisfaction for this year's achievements."

"This achievement represents 13 years of hard and steady work to reach the first part of my goal,” said Diana Valentina Rodriguez, a 16-year-old flute player who received $30,000 to attend Berklee. “It is with honor, humility, and great pride that I accept this new challenge that comes because I have demonstrated my commitment to music, my passion, and to my country that I will represent with dignity."

"I am thankful to God, Make Music Happen, and Berklee College of Music for their unconditional support for our son in his passion for music and continuing with his academic training in drums,” said David Rosado Cuba, father of David Antonio Rosado, who was invited to participate in the Berklee Global Jazz Workshop. “I know the experience will be enriching for him."

Fundacion Banco Popular, presenter of Berklee in Puerto Rico, facilitated the use of the Plazoleta del Banco Popular in Hato Rey. The space welcomed over 500 family and friends of the 164 participating students for the concert and scholarship presentation.

Berklee in Puerto Rico Scholarship Recipients

  • Aurelio Adasme, guitar
  • Rigoberto Alvarado, guitar
  • Andrea Beltrán, voice
  • Sofía Capllonch, violin
  • Joshua Báez Cruz, bass
  • Roig Berrios Fuentes, trumpet
  • Juan Nieves Galarza, cuatro
  • Itzel Figueroa Jacinto, voice
  • Iremyelisse Díaz López, bass
  • Ruth Morales, voice
  • Coral Serrano Marrero, voice
  • Ramón Nuñez, guitar
  • Andrés Martínez Orengo, flute
  • Iván Quiñones, percussion
  • Ernan Ramos, drums
  • Carlos Rivera, trumpet
  • Diana Valentina Rodríguez, flute
  • Giovanny Rodríguez, piano
  • Gerardo Rojas, guitar
  • David Antonio Rosado, hand percussion
  • Jomar Santos, cuatro
  • Carolina López Soto, voice
  • Daniel Manzano Toro, percussion
  • Victoria Rodríguez Vivoni, voice
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