As part of Berklee’s commitment to foster an inclusive campus community that is free of all forms of harassment and discrimination, the deputies for investigations serve an essential role in Berklee’s coordinated response, prevention, and education initiatives. The deputies for investigations provide leadership and oversight of investigations of all alleged cases of harassment, discrimination, gender-based violence, and intimate partner violence involving all community members and third parties at Berklee.

The deputies for investigations oversee the work of trained investigators in conducting prompt and thorough investigations. This includes identifying and interviewing all relevant individuals, gathering and securing relevant documentation, determining findings, and recommending corrective action as appropriate. 

Equally important, the deputies for investigations play an integral role in planning and administering progressive prevention and education initiatives in collaboration with the deputy for prevention and education, the dean of faculty development.

Investigations Team

Deputies for Investigations

Sarah Onori, Assistant Vice President of Equity/Title IX Coordinator

Faculty and Staff

Jennifer Burke,Assistant Vice President, Human Resources.


Michelle Quiñones, Director of Community Standards