Berklee encourages individuals who may have been subjected to a violation of these policies or who have witnessed such a violation to talk to somebody about what happened so they can get the support they need and so Berklee can respond appropriately.

If Berklee is notified, the Chief Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator or their deputy will promptly contact the complainant to discuss the availability of supportive measures, consider the complainant’s wishes with respect to supportive measures, and coordinate the effective implementation of supportive measures, as necessary. 

The Chief Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator will assess the complaint for all of the jurisdictional elements required to proceed under the Title IX Policy. The Chief Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator will also explain to the complainant the process for filing a complaint.

Complainants have the right to receive resources, support, and appropriate supportive measures even if the complainant does not wish to pursue a complaint under the Equity Policy or Title IX Policy.