Options, Reporting, and Confidentiality

Berklee encourages individuals who have been subjected to a violation of this policy or who have witnessed such a violation to talk to somebody about what happened – so they can get the support they need and so Berklee can respond appropriately.

Overview/What to Do

This policy explains options and resources available to Berklee community members who believe they have been subject to or witnessed any type of discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender-based misconduct, or any other conduct prohibited by this policy. The following is an overview of what to do and how Berklee will respond, investigate, and provide support.


For any individual subject to or witness to physical violence of any type, the first step is always the same: get to a safe place as soon as possible. If emergency assistance is required, call 911. If emergency assistance is not required, call a trusted friend or advocate. Any individual subject to physical violence should seek medical attention. Take care to preserve any evidence of the incident, even if there is uncertainty whether a claim will be filed or legal action will be taken. This may assist in proving that a criminal offense occurred or be helpful in obtaining a protection order, should the individual choose to do so later.

Assess Your Options

If any individual has been subject to or witnessed any type of discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender- based misconduct, or any other conduct prohibited by this policy, the following options are available. Individuals may pursue some or all of these options simultaneously:

  • Seek confidential support and counseling from the personal counseling staff located in the Counseling and Advising Center (617-747-2310) and other confidential resources listed in this policy. An after-hours confidential resource (personal counseling staff) can be accessed by calling Public Safety at 617-747-2333;
  • Report the incident to or file a complaint with Berklee, so it may investigate and provide protective and remedial measures, by contacting Berklee’s Chief Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator, Kelly A. Downes (617-747-3156, kdownes@berklee.edu), any deputy identified herein, or one of the other Berklee reporting sources identified below;
  • Notify law enforcement authorities and file a criminal complaint by calling Berklee Public Safety (617-747-2333), 911, or other law enforcement units listed in this policy. In Valencia, contact police by dialing 112, or call Berklee Valencia Security Control Center at +34 961 975 817.

If Berklee Is Notified

Berklee’s Chief Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator will contact the reporting party and provide information regarding rights, options, how to get immediate confidential help, and, in appropriate circumstances, will notify the deputy of intake, administration and support.

The deputy of intake, administration and support, in consultation with the Chief Equity Officer/Title IX Coordinator, will also put appropriate interim measures in place, including, but not limited to: no contact orders; changes to class assignments; changes to housing or working assignments; interim removal of the responding party from housing, classes, or workplace; counseling; assistance with court-ordered restraining orders; academic support; delays in project or examination due dates; campus No Trespass orders; administrative leave; and any other measures that may be necessary to protect the safety and well-being of the Berklee community. Some of these measures may be available under certain circumstances even if one decides to seek only confidential support. Berklee will treat any interim measures with confidentiality to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality does not impair the ability of Berklee to provide the protective measure.

Berklee will take additional prompt remedial or disciplinary action with respect to any individual who has been found to engage in harassing or discriminatory behavior or retaliation.

Going Forward

Berklee is committed not only to fully addressing instances of prohibited conduct, but also to taking measures to prevent its recurrence and address its effects. Even after an investigation is completed, reporting parties should follow up with Berklee if they have lingering concerns or would like further support of any type.