Berklee recognizes that a party or witness who was using alcohol or other drugs at the time of a reported incident may be hesitant to come forward due to the potential of disciplinary consequences. Students who report violations of this policy, either as a reporting party or a third-party witness, will not be subject to disciplinary and/or corrective action by Berklee for their own consumption of alcohol or drugs at or near the time of the incident. The same applies to students who disclose such use in the course of an investigation, including a responding party. Berklee may, however, enforce educational remedies regarding alcohol or other drugs. This policy provides amnesty from discipline from Berklee but does not apply to actions brought by any external law enforcement. Amnesty will not apply if someone is found to have possessed, used, provided, or administered alcohol or other drugs under the following circumstances: (1) for the purpose of facilitating sexual assault; (2) for financial gain (or similar); or (3) to harm others.