Graduate Student Internships


Students in Boston who are interested in an internship for fall 2017 should complete the eligibility form to get started. 

As a Berklee graduate student, your internship is a fundamental component of the graduate program. It is designed to provide a learning experience that enables you to meet your academic and career goals. Graduate students on Berklee's Boston campus coordinate internships through the Berklee Career Center. Graduate students on Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain, work with the International Career Center

Through the graduate internship course, GS-595, you will apply theories learned in your master's degree program and explore aspects of the music and entertainment industry and other industries, as appropriate.

More details about the GS-595 graduate internship course can be found in the the 2016–2017 Graduate Bulletin. If you are a graduate student interested in career advising, you can connect with the Berklee Career Center.


Take your internship to the next level by applying to a Berklee funded fellowship, which offers advanced learning opportunities to high-performing students. If selected, you could gain funding for career opportunities in places ranging from Boston and India to Valencia, Spain and Los Angeles. Learn more about fellowships for graduate students.