Final Cadence



  Emanuel Zambelli



Kellie Greene '56 of Palm Springs, CA, passed away peacefully at her home on July 13, 2009. A pianist, conductor, arranger, and composer, she worked with such luminaries as Leonard Bernstein, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, President Ronald Reagan, Linda Ronstadt, John Ritter, Debbie Reynolds, Phil Harris, Harry James, Rip Taylor, and many more.

She appeared on television shows hosted by Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Johnny Carson, and Steve Allen. In 1976 she also became the first female musical director for the TV show, The Harrison and Tyler Show on ABC. "She should be celebrated, and for more than her stunning keyboard grace and subtlety," Variety magazine wrote of Greene. "She can lead a band, weave uncommonly fetching arrangements, and compose highly diverting tunes. It's hard to think of another female artist who comes close to her."

Martha Heywood '77 of Nashville, TN, died on July 29. She was 53. A gifted musician, singer, and songwriter, she attended Berklee before graduating from Pine Manor and Simmons colleges in Boston. She played piano, guitar, and dulcimer and was a regular performer in Boston-area coffee houses. After moving to Nashville in 1980, she worked at Warner, Elektra Asylum, and Criterion Music Corporation. She is survived by husband, Coke Sams; two brothers; and five sisters.

David Andre-Xavier Joubert '93 of Pittsburgh, PA, passed away on August 7. He was 38. A classical and jazz guitarist, he worked at Carnegie Mellon University for 10 years as a multimedia designer. He is survived by his parents, James I. Sr. and Andrea Frances Joubert; brother James I. Jr.; his wife, Colley Joubert; and nephew Jean-Luc Joubert.

Dev Padamadan '02 of Dublin, OH, passed away on July 19 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. He was 31. Born September 16, 1977, he graduated from Catholic Central High School in Springfield before attending Berklee. He worked at the Ohio State University Medical Center and was a strong supporter of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. He is survived by his wife, Candice Burke Padamadan; parents Dr. William Padamadan and Betty Papaly Padamadan; and two sisters.

Michael Cameron Bauer '07 of West Lynn, OR, died in Los Angeles on June 12. He attended Community Christian School and West Hills Christian School and in 2006 graduated from Jesuit High School before entering Berklee to study guitar. He is survived by his father, Bob Bauer; mother, Cammy Bauer; and sisters, Audrey and Justine.

Former faculty member Emanuel "Manny" Zambelli of West Roxbury, MA, died on August 31. He served as a professor at Berklee for 30 years, giving classical piano instruction and helping numerous classical and jazz students develop their technique. Notable among his students are Professor Ray Santisi, who studied with Zambelli as a child, and Berklee Piano Department Chair Stephany Tiernan. Zambelli radiated his passion for classical music to his students even though it was not central to the curriculum. A scholarship was established in his name at Berklee, and each year students competing for the award present a solo classical piano recital during Piano Week. Over the decades, the Zambelli scholarship has helped many young pianists, including Emmy Award-winning composer Camara Kambon '95.