Audition and Interview Dates and Locations

All students who apply to Berklee College of Music complete a live audition and interview for admission and merit-based scholarship awards. Applicants from around the world attend our audition and interview events. Auditions are exclusively available for applicants to Berklee College of Music. Review our audition and interview guidelines for more information. 

Online Events

In the table below, you may filter by date (YYYY/MM) to see when our next online event is. We will be adding more online events throughout the summer and fall. To learn more about online auditions, visit our Online Audition and Interview page.  

2020/06/26 Online
2020/07/25 Online (Summer Program Attendees Only)
2020/08/01 Online (Summer Program Attendees Only)
2020/08/08 Online (Summer Program Attendees Only)
2020/08/14 Online
2020/09/12 Online
2020/10/10 Online
2020/10/29 Online*
2020/11/04 Online
2020/11/12 Online*
2020/11/14 Online
2020/11/19 Online*
2020/11/21 Online
2020/12/02 Online
2020/12/05 Online
2020/12/10 Online*
2020/12/12 Online

*For applicants living in Asian regions only, auditions will run from 8:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m. EDT/EST.

In-Person Events

While we are hopeful that we will be able to host events in person soon, they are currently on hold as we continue to follow the recommendations of the Department of Public Health regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

This map below allows you to see where Berklee typically holds audition and interview events across the world. We’ll keep this page updated with dates and scheduling as we learn more about hosting auditions in person.

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