Audition and Interview

Our Approach

Applying to Berklee College of Music requires a live audition and interview. Berklee’s unique audition and interview process allows us to learn about you as a whole artist while assessing your current level of musicianship and potential to succeed in our dynamic community. We also consider your audition and interview for merit-based scholarship awards. The audition and interview, combined with your transcripts and supporting application materials, give us a picture of who you are and where you have potential to grow. 

What to Expect

The full audition and interview process takes about one hour. Once it’s time for you to begin, we will guide you through the entire experience, which includes the following:

  • A 15-minute warm-up
  • A 15-minute audition
  • A 15-minute interview

Your Audition

Each component of the audition helps us assess your overall abilities as a musician and your potential for success at the college level. We recognize that it is common to have imbalances in playing abilities and that you may not have advanced skills in each aspect of the audition. Our goal is to see where your musicianship is right now and learn how you might further develop your skills.

Refer to the audition guidelines for details about the audition.

Your Interview

While your audition showcases your musical preparedness and potential, the interview is your chance to share your readiness for Berklee, including past musical experiences, aspirations for the future, and how you envision Berklee helping you reach your goals.

Refer to the interview guidelines to learn more about the interview, including sample questions.

Watch this video to learn more about the audition and interview directly from Berklee faculty and students. They’ll take you through each section and offer insight about how to prepare:

If you have any questions regarding the audition and interview, please contact us at or +1 617-747-2579. 

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