Online Auditions and Interviews

Online auditions and interviews are available for those who are applying for admission to Berklee College of Music and are unable to attend an in-person audition and interview.

Please note: We expect a high demand and will have limited space available. Due to limited availability and our connection requirements, applicants may be scheduled for an in-person audition and interview despite their preference for an online audition and interview.  

Who should consider doing their audition and interview online?

  • Applicants who live in an area of the world where we are not scheduled to host an audition and interview event this year.
  • Applicants who live more than 200 miles from one of the in-person locations and have restrictions on their travel.

Who is not eligible to audition online?

When will I be scheduled for my online audition and interview? 

More Information

Questions regarding our online auditions and interviews should be sent to

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