Audition Guidelines

You will complete a live audition with Berklee faculty members. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your current level of musicianship, potential for growth, and readiness to succeed in our unique learning environment. We focus on performance, improvisation, sight-reading, and ear training because we seek students who are prepared to study and master all elements of their craft.

What the Audition Entails

Details about each component of the audition are outlined below. Please be sure to also review the Additional Guidelines by Instrument page


What to Bring

Audition rooms are typically equipped with a piano, a drum set, guitar and bass amplifiers, a PA system, and music stands. You need to supply the following:

  1. Your instrument: you must bring your instrument to the audition if you play acoustic or electric bass, brass, guitar, hand percussion, a string instrument (including the harp, mandolin, and banjo), or woodwinds.

  2. Your accompaniment/backing track: If you require accompaniment for your prepared piece, you may bring an accompanist or a smartphone. Berklee does not provide an accompanist to applicants at auditions. If you are interested in hiring an accompanist and need help finding someone, please contact our Career Center at

  3. Your cables/adapters: you must bring any necessary cables and adapters for your instrument.

To learn about audition requirements for your specific instrument, review the Additional Guidelines by Instrument page. If you have any questions, contact us at or +1 617-747-2579.

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