Continuing Students

Scholarship Policy
Expectations and policies for students that are currently receiving scholarships

Renew Your Scholarship Application and Guidelines 
All Berklee Scholars are required to renew their scholarships annually by submitting a scholarship portfolio and application documenting their progress and achievement at the college.

Apply for Berklee Achievement Scholarship
The Berklee Achievement-based Scholarship (BAS) is a merit-based award for continuing and returning students who have not been awarded a Berklee College of Music scholarship.

Apply for Berklee Achievement Grant
Berklee Achievement Grants are increases in aid awarded to students with Berklee College of Music scholarships and/or grants that eliminate tuition increases for qualified students.

Outside Scholarships
Resources for domestic and international students looking for scholarships outside of the college

FAQ for Continuing Students
Answers to frequently asked questions

Berklee Scholars Assignment
Eligible scholarship students may be assigned to a Berklee Scholars Assignment through the Ensemble Department, Project Band, or String Department.