Maureen Hickey Named Vice President for Real Estate

Prior to joining Berklee, Hickey held roles at Northeastern University and the Allston Development Group at Harvard.

February 18, 2020

Maureen Hickey

Image by Kelly Davidson

Maureen Hickey has joined Berklee College of Music as the new vice president for real estate. Hickey came to Berklee in the fall of 2019 with experience in both higher education and nonprofit real estate development. Previously, Hickey worked as the senior planning and financial analyst for the Allston Development Group at Harvard University, and as development project manager at the Preservation of Affordable Housing in Boston. Prior to joining Berklee, she held the position of director of strategic initiatives of campus planning and real estate at Northeastern University.

Throughout her career, Hickey has demonstrated a strong professional commitment to real estate development, specifically in higher education. While at Northeastern, she oversaw the first privately owned and operated student housing in Boston, which opened successfully in August 2019. In addition to her work with various nonprofit and educational institutions, Hickey has remained active in educational research. She has been published in numerous trade journals and spoken at educational and real estate summits and conferences on the topic of university development and student housing. 

“I am very pleased that Maureen Hickey has joined Berklee as our vice president of real estate,” says Mac Hisey, Berklee's senior vice president of administration and finance, chief financial officer, and chief investment officer. “She has hit the ground running and is quickly becoming a valued member of our community.” 

Hickey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Harvard College and a Master of City and Regional Planning degree from the University of California at Berkeley.