Introducing #HerBerklee

We asked nine female Berklee students to show us around their world. These are their words, images, and stories.

June 13, 2019

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Between the College and Conservatory in Boston, Berklee’s campus in Valencia, Spain, and Berklee Online, women compose some 40 percent of the Berklee student population. While these students have many things in common, their interests, instruments, and areas of study—not to mention their extracurricular projects (musical and otherwise)—are wildly varied. 

This spring, nine female Berklee students from different backgrounds, instruments, majors, and hometowns shared glimpses of their daily experiences with members of Berklee’s communications staff. They captured moments of dorm room downtime or weekend fun, spring break adventures with friends and classmates, long hours logged in the studio or practice room, and the daily round of classes, midterms, and other responsibilities. The snippets they shared became #HerBerklee: a multimedia look at how these women spend their days. 

Follow along with an opera singer from China; a global entertainment major who loves to cook and scour thrift stores in Valencia; a South African student who loves the sunshine almost as much as she loves being in the recording studio; and half a dozen of their fellow students. Their photos, videos, and words make up a kaleidoscope of life as a female student at Berklee in 2019.