Berklee Students' Original Compositions 'POP' in Dominican Republic Funhouse

Colette Greenstein
November 4, 2019

Giulio De Renaldy led a team of students in creating the music for an award-winning pop-up exhibition promoting tourism in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic POP Funhouse consisted of eight interactive rooms focusing on the city of Puerto Plata.
Image courtesy of Giulio De Renaldy

Berklee student Giulio De Renaldy relishes the challenges of music production: working with artists or organizations toward realizing a creative vision. He recently led a team of student musicians, composers, and engineers chosen by the Electronic Production and Design Department to spearhead a project with BVK Media—a touring pop-up exhibition promoting the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic POP Funhouse, an immersive pop-up social media museum, consisted of eight interactive rooms focusing on the city of Puerto Plata. The project’s name is a nod to the airport code for Puerto Plata (POP). The rooms highlighted top tourist attractions in Puerto Plata, giving guests the chance to learn more about the destination while sharing their experiences on social media.

In addition to the vibrant and colorful imagery, music was a big component of the exhibition. It included seven original songs composed, arranged, performed, and produced by Berklee students during the 2018 winter break. The songs were mixed in each of the rooms with uniquely crafted sound effects mirroring the sounds of the island.

Sponsored and supported by the country’s Ministry of Tourism, the installation toured Miami, New York City, Boston, and Chicago, and later won a 2019 Summit Creative Award in the Guerrilla/Unconventional Marketing category. 

Functioning as a production manager on the POP Funhouse gave De Renaldy the opportunity to utilize and expand upon his managerial and production skills learned during his four years at Berklee, supporting his pursuit of music production as a career.

“I loved every aspect of this experience and I am even more excited about the next steps," he said. "I want to continue growing as a musician and music producer with the goal of a career as a record label executive.”

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