Berklee Online Presents The Roaring Crowdfund Live

Margot Edwards
January 31, 2019
Press release

The free event, set for February 27 at the Red Room at Cafe 939, will feature artists from the podcast discussing their crowdfunding experiences with industry experts.

Emily Keener
Image by Joe Ritorto

Berklee Online, the online school of Berklee College of Music, presents The Roaring Crowdfund Live, a panel discussion and multimedia presentation of its new five-part podcast examining what it takes to run a successful music crowdfunding campaign. The series follows the progress of four very different musical acts during their active campaigns on Kickstarter, PledgeMusic, and Indiegogo.

The artists featured in The Roaring Crowdfund include Boston rapper Dutch ReBelle, Cleveland singer-songwriter Emily Keener, Austin guitarist Johnny Chops, and Jacksonville hip-hop duo Stono Echo. They will join a panel discussion—live and via Skype—offering an up-close look at their experiences, from the challenges of marketing their campaigns and standing out in a crowded field to meeting their campaign goals and fulfilling the rewards.

The event will also feature Mike King, vice president of enrollment marketing and management at Berklee, chief marketing officer at Berklee Online, and author of several Berklee Online marketing courses; and Luiz Augusto Buff de Souza e Silva, who teaches Music Business Finance for Entrepreneurs as part of Berklee Online’s master’s degree program. Guests will discuss the history of crowdfunding, its current role in the music industry, and what the future may hold for the platform. The panel will be moderated by Pat Healy, creator and host of the podcast and senior writer/editor for Berklee Online.

“Since I conducted all these interviews one-on-one, the artists never interacted with each other or with the Berklee Online instructors who reviewed the artists’ progress and offered their music business expertise,” says Healy. “The live event is a chance for everyone who was a part of this project to get together to talk more in depth about their struggles and strategies, and share stories with audience members who may be thinking of doing their own crowdfunding campaigns.”

The Roaring Crowdfund Live takes place on Wednesday, February 27, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the Red Room at Cafe 939, located at 939 Boylston Street, Boston. The event is free and open to the public.

Catch up on episodes of The Roaring Crowdfund here.

The Roaring Crowdfund’s creator and host, Pat Healy, is senior writer/editor for Berklee Online. He is also the host of Berklee Online’s popular podcast, Music Is My Life, and a writer and editor on the Disgraceland podcast, which iTunes and The A.V. Club named one of the best podcasts of 2018. Pat has interviewed hundreds of musicians, and written extensively about music for Pitchfork, Spin, Paste, The Boston Globe, and many other publications.

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