Berklee Announces EQL Studio Residency Recipients

Tori Donahue
October 5, 2018
Press release

The EQL Studio Residency is a partnership between Berklee College of Music, Spotify, and Electric Lady Studios.

Montalvo Lucar
Taylor Pollock will work in Nashville as a recipient of the EQL Studio Residency.
Jeanne Montalvo Lucar will work in New York as a recipient of the EQL Studio Residency.
Ramera Abraham will work in London as a recipient of the EQL Studio Residency.
Image courtesy of Taylor Pollock
Image courtesy of Jeanne Montalvo Lucar
Image courtesy of Ramera Abraham

Spotify, in partnership with Berklee and Electric Lady Studios, is proud to announce the three recipients of the EQL Studio Residency. This residency was created to help open the door for emerging female producers and engineers while shining a light on the great work already being done by women in the music industry. The program offers residencies in three cities: New York, Nashville, and London, all beginning this month. During these paid, six-month residencies, participants in each city will work in studios and gain access to invaluable networking and mentoring opportunities to further her career.

The three recipients of the EQL Studio Residency are Ramera Abraham (London), Jeanne Montalvo Lucar (New York), and Taylor Pollock (Nashville).

Ramera Abraham

Abraham, a recent graduate from Abbey Road Institute, will split her time between the famed Electric Lady Studios and Spotify Studios in London. She previously worked as a runner and assistant for Shine Studios in Ottawa, Canada. Abraham has a bachelor’s degree in law and music from Carleton Univeristy, and an advanced diploma in music production and sound engineering from the Abbey Road Institute.

Jeanne Montalvo Lucar

Montalvo Lucar, a senior engineer/producer for Latino USA at Futuro Media Group, will work at the Spotify Secret Genius Studios in New York City. She previously served in audio assistant roles throughout the United States and Canada before settling in New York, where she has worked as a production engineer at the Met Opera restoration project, associate producer for First Word Asia with Bloomberg Radio, and audio engineer for National Public Radio. She has a bachelor’s degree from University of Central Florida, a sound technician diploma from Microfusa in Barcelona, Spain, and a Master of Music degree in music technology from New York University.

Taylor Pollock

Pollock, a graduating Berklee senior majoring in music production and engineering, will work out of the Spotify Secret Genius Studios in Nashville. She has worked as a multimedia and marketing supervisor for Berklee's Office of Summer Programs, as an engineer for artists and producers in Boston, and interned at Bedrock Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

“The Berklee Women Chairs Forum and I are excited to mentor the three tremendously talented EQL Studio Residency recipients,” said Darla Hanley, dean of the Professional Education Division at Berklee. “We created EQL in collaboration with Spotify to position women producers and engineers in world-class recording studios with the support of experienced women leaders here in Boston. The recipients are going to have an incredible experience, and we look forward to being part of it all."

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