Artists Discovered by Hitmaker Sylvia Rhone

Bryan Parys
February 28, 2019

From Missy Elliott and Dream Theater to Camila Cabello and Jason Mraz, listen to some of the hits launched by the industry icon.

Album art from the Sylvia Rhone playlist

Sylvia Rhone began her career in the music industry from behind a secretary's desk at Buddha Records in 1974. Her rise from there has been meteoric to the present day, bringing her talents to a laundry list of the biggest labels in the industry, from ABC to Universal, Atlantic to Epic. The list of artists she's guided to the top of the charts is even longer, and spans a wide berth of genres, from establishing hip-hop as the powerhouse it is today, to metal, rock, and folk-pop. Many of these artists will be highlighted in a tribute concert, as part of Career Jam 2019, where Rhone will be the featured guest and recipient of an honorary doctorate. Until then, take a listen to a small sampling of songs that represent Rhone's impact on modern music.

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