Summer in the City with Argentinian Composer Martina Liviero

Allen Bush
August 21, 2018
Press release

Martina Liviero B.M. '18 realized that composing and leading a band were her true calling. 

Martina Liviero B.M. '18

Martina Liviero B.M. '18, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, came to Berklee thinking she would do one thing, but soon realized she wanted something else entirely. Trained as a classical violinist and having performed as a songwriter on the side, Liviero’s goal was to build a strong foundation as a performer. Yet the college environment encouraged a deeper exploration into her voice and work, and she found that her capabilities far exceeded her experiences to date. Soon, she began referring to herself as a composer and musician rather than just a performer.

Pursuing composition and delving into the creative side of music, she recorded an extended piece for a jazz composition class with an ensemble she organized. Liviero then took a step that surprised her: she became a bandleader. 

“I noticed how Berklee was filled with amazing players, but there weren’t many original ensembles or bands in the jazz sphere of the school, unlike in rock,” said Liviero. “I had seen and played with plenty of good musicians, but it took me a while to find people who wanted to be involved in a long-term project, invest in rehearsal time, and share good vibes toward each other. Most importantly, I looked to find people that supported my musical vision, not only playing straight-ahead jazz, but to break away from genre labels.”

Liviero will perform with her group at the free, outdoor Regattabar Courtyard Series at the Charles Hotel, One Bennett Street, Cambridge, Friday, August 24, 6:00 p.m. The performance is part of the Berklee Summer in the City Concert Series, which brings more than 400 free concerts to sites across Greater Boston. 

The group of international young jazz musicians includes a woodwind choir—flute/alto flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet—juxtaposed with a supporting rhythm section, including a nylon guitar that fastens both sides of the ensemble together. Joining Liviero is flautist Yulia Musayelyan, Berklee assistant professor of ear training; upright bassist Soso Gelovani B.M. '17; clarinetist Itamar Ben Zimra B.M. '18; pianist Tom Oren; tenor saxophonist Yonatan Guedj; and drummer Eviatar Slivnik B.M. '18; and bass clarinetist Isaiah Ian. 

Liviero's music is a unique impressionistic blend of musical traditions that surround the listener with both intimacy and intensity. Her sound explores South American music along with chamber music, lush sonorities, and improvisational elements. 

“All of the musicians I work with have been essential in supporting my music and making this project come alive,” she said. “They showed me how different aesthetic and cultural backgrounds can coexist and how diversity can enrich the artistic outcome.”

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