Alper Tuzcu Translates Poetic Wisdom on 'Con Ella'

The Turkish guitarist and producer shares his musical arrangement of a poem by the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

April 7, 2020

When I first talked with guitarist, composer, and produer Alper Tuzcu about featuring his music on the podcast, the plan was to meet in a studio on campus where we could talk in person. The day before we were scheduled to chat, however, Berklee announced that due to the spread of the coronavirus, we would all be shifting away from campus to work and study remotely. 

But I didn’t want to miss the chance to highlight Alper’s song, “Con Ella,” which is a poem by Pablo Neruda that he set to music. The song begins with flamenco hand-claps and spoken word, then moves into a sung melody paired with delicate strings and acoustic guitar. Originally from Istanbul, Alper's work reflects his fascination with many styles, ranging from Latin rhythms to electronic music, much of which he discovered while studying at Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain.

From his home studio, he recorded some of his thoughts about what inspired his new EP, Migrante, and how learning about other cultures not only makes you a better musician, but a better person. Take a listen.

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Produced by Bryan Parys and John Mirisola
Engineered by Brandon Bichajian
Theme music by Sleeping Lion

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