Defining Your Goals

Question mark iconTo paraphrase Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” In other words, you need goals, which some have referred to as “dreams with a deadline.” The first step toward reaching your goals is your ability to envision and articulate them.

Many people are able to easily define their career goal (e.g., “I want to be a successful X”). That’s a great start, but to come up with an actionable plan, you’ll need to go further. First, undertake a thorough self-assessment. Then consider the questions below to start defining your goals.


SMART is an acronym that defines assorted key criteria that you may use to analyze your goal(s). SMART goals are commonly defined as those that are:

  • Specific;
  • Measurable;
  • Achievable;
  • Realistic (and relevant); and
  • Time-bound.

Questions for Further Defining Your Goals

Next Steps iconThese are just a few of the questions you may want to ask yourself when setting your goals. The Berklee Career Center is here to help you explore these questions in more detail.

Email the Career Center to set up a goals definition session.