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Berklee in Bogota
Alumnus and director of EMMAT Alejandro Cajiao '06 (onstage) presents the opening remarks at the Berklee in Bogota: The Art of the Songwriter and Producer program.
Amanda Gouldthorpe

We often emphasize the benefits of networking within the Berklee community. The late-night sessions and countless recitals and creative collaborations among students and faculty members on campus are the bedrock of future opportunities. These experiences build creative bonds that are invaluable to Berklee as we become an increasingly global institution.

Berklee in Santo Domingo
From the left: Jason Camelio, Juan Luis Guerra ’82, pianist Daniel Duarte, vocalist Daniela Pena Cabreja, saxophonist Wesley Pena Medina, full-tuition scholarship recipient Pauly German Torres, bassist Ernesto Nunez, minister of culture José Antonio Rodriguez, and Javier Vargas’04, following the Berklee in Santo Domingo program.
Carlos Delgado '08

Many of the significant international relationships the college has forged have come about with the help of our alumni. Recent developments in our global relationships have had a positive impact in diverse locations. In January 2014, the college presented its first  Berklee On the Road program in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the artistic guidance of Grammy award–winner Juan Luis Guerra ’82, and the director of the contemporary music program at the National Conservatory, Javier Vargas ’04. Grammy-nominated guitarist Julian Lage ’08 joined a team of exceptional faculty members as a special guest artist.

In February, guitarist Aditya ’10 and drummer Tarun Balani ’10, founders of the Global Music Institute (GMI) in New Delhi, India, hosted Berklee clinics, auditions and interviews, and a special reception at the India Habitat Centre. GMI is one of the first contemporary music institutions in India built on Berklee’s teaching methods with instructors drawn from the ranks of graduates from Berklee’s Boston and Valencia campuses.

Berklee in Cabo Verde
The Berklee team, led by Ensemble Department chair Ron Savage, meets with Andrienne S. O’Neal, the U.S. ambassador to Cabo Verde. Left to right: vocalist Jasmine Jefferson, Ron Savage, pianist Sharik Hassan, saxophonist Samuel Baptiste, ambassador O’Neal, bassist Alex Toth ’13, Dawaun Parker ’05, and Jason Camelio.
Harold Tavares

In March, Alejandro Cajiao ’06, director of Escuela de Música Moderna Audio y Technologia, hosted Berklee in Bogotá, Colombia. Events focusing on songwriting and producing were held in conjunction with the city of Bogotá’s Chamber of Commerce and Bogotá Music Market. Berklee faculty members Bonnie Hayes, Stephen Webber, and Peter Alhadeff offered instruction in songwriting, music production, and music business, respectively, and were chosen to represent Berklee’s online degree, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

Berklee alumni acting in leadership roles as artists and educators around the world enable the college to connect with many rich and diverse communities of musicians. These opportunities enrich our campuses by assisting Berklee in finding the next generation of talented musicians and creating the best career options for our graduates.


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