Comin' Home Baby

by Adam Olenn

Web Producer, Berklee College of Music Alumni Website


Over the past five years, Berklee alumni have enjoyed a range of services offered via the alumni website. Alums have found work through the job listings, found friends and band mates through the alumni directory, and used the message board for any number of reasons. The Office of Alumni Affairs is pleased to present a new feature to the alumni community: chapter home pages.

Whether you live in New York or Nashville, Boston or Bogotá, there is a homepage just for your chapter. This specialized website will keep you informed about happenings and opportunities in your area. The best part is that you can contribute your voice to the website. There are forms to advertise your gigs and services on the website.

Chapter Homepage
Your chapter home page lists contact information for your chapter coordinator. If there isn't a chapter coordinator, you can e-mail the webmaster to volunteer to be the coordinator for your chapter. The homepage also lists any information the coordinator thinks you'll find useful, such as ways to find an apartment in town, helpful websites, job opportunities, and local happenings. To visit your chapter's home page, visit and click on the name of your chapter.

Alumni Events
The Events link shows you any official Berklee alumni events happening in your area. Past events have included workshops on Pro Tools techniques, tax tips for musicians, website seminars, and industry panels. If there are no events scheduled in your area, contact the Office of Alumni Affairs and propose an idea.

Alumni Gigs
The Alumni Gigs page is where local alumni can advertise their performances. Feel free to upload details about your shows, photographs, and links to your website so other alumni can come and cheer you on. This page is intended to help alumni nurture the music scene in their towns, get the word out about their gigs, and support one another.

Alumni Discounts
The Alumni Discounts page is a listing of all discounts available to Berklee alumni in your area. Anyone can offer a discount to Berklee alumni, but only alums can take advantage of them. The idea behind this page is to help Berklee alumni save money and strengthen their community by doing business with each other.

If you have ideas for Web services you'd like to see or if your chapter isn't currently represented, please contact me at We're here to serve you. Your ideas and opinions are the driving force behind the site.