Yamaha Recognizes Berklee as Institution of Excellence

Berklee is one of 10 schools nationwide to earn the prestigious designation.

February 22, 2021

Yamaha Corporation of America has named Berklee as a 2021 honoree in its inaugural Institution of Excellence program, acknowledging the school’s extraordinary commitment to innovation in the study of music. Berklee is one of 10 schools nationwide to earn the prestigious designation.

Yamaha is committed to working with Berklee College of Music in substantive ways for the long-term growth and benefit of its music students and faculty. The Institution of Excellence program is tailored to respond to each honoree’s unique mission, and the designation unlocks benefits for the institution, its faculty, and its students.

“For more than a century, Yamaha has focused on defining and elevating the quality of musical performance. We chose Berklee College of Music for its outstanding work in creating an environment [that] fosters well-rounded students and faculty with original and thought-provoking exposure to a variety of voices and influences," said Dan Rodowicz, Yamaha's senior director of institutional sales. 

"From synergistic partnerships with Harvard to its merger with the Boston Conservatory, Berklee has built a unique ecosystem designed to equip students for impactful careers. The vision of expansive initiatives like Berklee City Music is moving to serve the needs of 21st century students," Rodowicz said. "All of this is why we are pleased to invite Berklee to become part of a program that demonstrates our commitment to finding, celebrating, and collaborating with institutions who share our vision for music’s crucial role in society.”

“Berklee and Yamaha have had a long, rewarding, and collaborative relationship for many years that has provided meaningful benefits to Berklee students and faculty, and to the institution,” said Jay Kennedy, vice president for Academic Affairs/vice provost, Berklee College of Music. “Berklee is very honored to receive the Institute of Excellence award from Yamaha and we look forward to continuing our productive relationship with Yamaha for many more years.”  

About Yamaha's Institution of Excellence Program

This year’s 10 schools were selected by Yamaha following a rigorous, nationwide nomination and review process. Honorees are chosen for their dedication to providing unique and challenging experiences for their music students through diversity of thought and curriculum, exposure to a wider variety of voices and opportunities, and an emphasis on preparing students for the modern world of music. Each year, new institutions will be selected for recognition and added to the roster.

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