Berklee’s Two Track Series Explores the Concept of ‘Origins’

The popular YouTube series features students performing original music and sharing ideas around a central theme.

July 29, 2022

Berklee’s Two Track music video series features some of the Berklee community’s most talented artists performing in a stripped-down recording session filmed in continuous camera shots with just a single microphone. Launched in September 2021, the performances premiere every Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. ET on the Berklee YouTube channel and they have collected over 350,000 views to date.

Each installment of Two Track revolves around a single theme that the artist engages with either through their choice of songs and/or through a short storytelling segment recorded as part of the session. For the month of July, performers celebrated the theme of “Origins.”


On July 6, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Tristan got the month rolling with a session that featured her original track “IDFWU,” as well as a medley of songs from some of her biggest inspirations: Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus.

The 20-year-old Berklee student has been writing and playing guitar for as long as she can remember, her childhood marked by living room concerts and journals full of song lyrics written in permanent marker and crayon. Her own music is best described as playfully melodramatic alt-pop songs about boys she’s never dated, influenced by her early obsession with songs that tell the story of the teenage experience. Her music looks to blend that strong fondness for nostalgia with more contemporary sounds while remaining authentic to her artistic voice.

Watch Tristan perform “IDFWU” and a medley of classic pop hits:

Kirsten Alicia

Kirsten Alicia stepped into the Two Track spotlight on July 13, performing her song “Slow Down” as well as a cover of the Fugees' rendition of Roberta Flack's “Killing Me Softly.”

The 21-year-old Houston native is currently studying as a professional music major at Berklee, performing and recording with her group Kirsten Alicia + Friends. Through R&B- and reggae-inspired songs with thought-provoking lyrics backed by slickly-produced beats, Alicia and her bandmates aim to break down conventions of “normal” within the entertainment and fashion industries while offering up infectious music that anyone can connect to.

Watch Kirsten Alicia perform “Slow Down” and “Killing Me Softly”:


On July 20, Dakota and her band treated viewers to a funky rendition of hits from Randy Newman, Aerosmith, and the Main Squeeze, as well as her original track “All Dressed Up.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dakota draws plenty of inspiration from the chart-topping hits of today, and yet her songs also draw from distinct elements of classic rock, funk, and alternative genres, giving her sound a distinct and charismatic flare. Her style is defined by smooth bass lines, playful lyrics, and infectious melodic hooks that serve to emphasize her energetic stage presence.

Watch Dakota perform “All Dressed Up” and a medley of classic tracks from Randy Newman, Aerosmith, and the Main Squeeze:

Daniela Gómez

Closing out the “Origins” theme on July 27, Daniela Gómez performed her original song “Simple y Natural” and honored her roots with an ethereal version of the traditional Mexican folk song “Las Golondrinas.”

Hailing from Mexico City, Gómez draws from various sources of inspiration when creating music, incorporating sounds from the landscapes of people and cultures she has encountered throughout her life. Her songs explore many genres and sonic elements—from acoustic folk to live looping to pop to more experimental styles—and they not only reflect her personal experiences, but are often her way of processing them emotionally. Gómez truly believes that art and music can make the world better, and hopes to contribute to that positive change.

Watch Daniela Gómez perform “Simple y Natural” and “Las Golondrinas”:

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