Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is made up of departments and services that work together to provide support across areas of student life that augment academic learning and engage students in Berklee’s vibrant musical community.

For guidance about which Student Affairs department to contact, or for more information about the division, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students on the fifth floor of the Genko Uchida Building, at 921 Boylston Street. Reach us by phone at 617 266-1400 ext. 2231, or via email at studentaffairs@berklee.edu.

The following departments and services are housed within the Division of Student Affairs:

  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

    Vice president for student affairs/dean of students Betsy Newman and her staff are always available to provide you and your family with whatever assistance you require to ensure your success at Berklee. This office oversees all departments housed within the Division of Student Affairs.

    Student Conduct and Community Standards | Parent Office

  • Housing and Auxiliary Service

    We look forward to welcoming you to the neighborhood. Berklee has a number of residence halls close to campus buildings, as well as facilities for dining, practicing your music, and socializing, as well as laundry, wi-fi, and other amenities. Berklee’s housing and residence life staff works to foster the supportive community that defines the Berklee environment.

  • Student Activities

    Music education is what brings students to Berklee, but most Berklee students are interested in engaging in music and other activities outside of the classroom, from student clubs and student-run enterprises to student government and more.

    Peer Advising | Student Activities Center | Student Government | Student Clubs

  • Career Development Center

    Connect with the Career Development Center (CDC) for expert guidance, leading-edge resources, engaging connections, and professional development programs/events aimed at helping you achieve your music career goals through the Berklee Career Manager platform. The CDC's focus is on music career management and helping students/alumni access resources and activities that are applicable to their career paths.

  • LiveWell: Student Wellness and Health Promotion

    The mission of the LiveWell Program is to enhance each student's well-being. This is accomplished by helping students develop and maintain positive self-management skills through education and safe and enjoyable experiences. These skills are especially geared toward long and rich careers in music.

  • Counseling and Advising Center

    As a Berklee student, you are never alone. Any student at Berklee—including first-year students, international students, and students with disabilities—can take advantage of the Counseling and Advising Center’s support services, which include academic advising and personal counseling.

    Academic Advising | International Advising | Disability Services | Personal Counseling