More than Mozart: A Global Take on Classical Music

Bryan Parys
September 27, 2019

Inspired by a Chamber Series performance at the Conservatory, listen to examples of classical music that go far beyond the Western idiom.

Chinese classical music being performed by an orchestra
Image by IQRemix through Creative Commons

Do a Google search in America for the term "classical music" and you'll get a long list of what you might expect—Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, and more Mozart. But as Boston Conservatory at Berklee's first Chamber Series concert explores, the world of classical is far bigger than Europe. The sold-out performance, Which Classical Music?, is artistically directed by Markus Placci and features Conservatory faculty, the Berklee Indian Ensemble, and special guests from the world-renowned Silkroad Ensemble, and explores global connotations of classical music, including South Indian (Carnatic), Chinese, Celtic, and Western. Take a listen to the following playlist for an uncommon take on this common term.

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