Miss E... So Productive

Bryan Parys
May 10, 2019

While best known for her innovative work as a rapper, Missy Elliott has also written, produced, and guest starred on some of the biggest albums of the last 30 years.

Album art from the Missy Elliott playlist

When you think of Missy Elliott, you probably start humming one of her mega-hits, such as "Work It" or "Get Ur Freak On." And with good reason—as a solo artist, all of Missy Elliott's studio albums are certified platinum, and her work in hip-hop is cited by many as a modern innovator of the genre as a whole. This is reason enough to award her with a Berklee honorary doctorate—which we will do at the 2019 commencement proceedings—but we'd be remiss to not shout out her massive contributions to hip-hop and R&B via her work as a producer, writer, or guest artist. In this playlist, we celebrate some of the tunes that we wouldn't have without Miss E, from her early career writing for the likes of Aaliyah and Busta Rhymes, to recent guest appearances with Ariana Grande and Lizzo.

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