International Student Financial Assistance

Undergraduate international students studying in the United States are eligible for merit-based scholarships through the admissions process. Berklee does not offer need-based funding for entering international students.

International students do not need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile applications. Financial resources are limited, so we encourage you and your family to develop a long-term financial plan that will sustain you through the length of your program and allow you to focus on your academic and personal success.

Applicants to the Valencia campus graduate programs are eligible to apply for a Berklee General Scholarship. In order to apply for this scholarship, students must submit the Berklee Graduate Scholarship application by the deadline.

Financial Planning Considerations

When preparing your budget, it’s important to plan ahead and consider the full year rather than planning by semester. In order to finance your education, you will need to consider various components including the following:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Living expenses (housing and food)
  • Transportation costs
  • Books, insurance, and personal expenses

Students will be required to acknowledge their financial obligations before formally checking in for a semester. Any balances due will be the student's responsibility.

Other Financial Resources

  • Your own government may have financial aid available. Contact your embassy or ministry of education for more information.
  • There may also be private organizations in your home country that will sponsor you or provide other support.
  • Check out Berklee's tuition payment plan here.
  • This list of outside scholarships is for domestic and international students searching for scholarships outside of Berklee. 
  • Education USA provides some suggestions for ways to help finance your education.
  • The International Education Financial Aid (IEFA) scholarship/loan search is available here.
  • Elm Select Lender provides a lender comparison tool here.

Please note that student loans may require a U.S. cosigner.

For visa information for international students attending Berklee’s Boston campus, visit Berklee's Visa Information page

For visa information for international students attending Berklee’s Valencia campus, visit the First Year Abroad: Accepted Students page.