What Does an Artist Relations Manager Do?

Artist relations managers are broadly responsible for keeping artists happy in their relationship with a company—whether it's a record label, a company whose brand or product the artist is endorsing, or an organization for whom the artist is creating promotional content. The heart of an ARM's job is building a good relationship and an open channel of communication with the artist, ensuring his or her satisfaction while identifying and diffusing potential conflicts that might cause the alliance to deteriorate.

This is a job for someone who is detail-oriented, efficient, and above all, extremely sociable.

ARMs also collaborate with other personnel in the company, as well as the artist's team, with the goal of supporting and maintaining a rewarding working relationship for all involved. ARMs coordinate closely with the company's marketing, promotion, and media departments to ensure that events and appearances go smoothly, and deal directly with the artist's management, publicists, and agents regarding a range of issues. ARMs may also handle paperwork, maintain social media accounts, process ticket requests, and schedule activities such as promotional trips, after-show parties, and launch events. 

Artist Relations Manager at a Glance

Finding Work and Advancing

Many ARMs begin as interns or assistants, advancing into artist relations via hard work and a word-of-mouth recommendation. From there, some move on to jobs in A&R and artist management. 


Record labels, lifestyle brands, gear manufacturers, and event producers

Professional Skills

Communications, administrative, organization

Interpersonal Skills

This is a job for someone who is detail-oriented, efficient, and above all, extremely sociable—able to engage with people at all levels of the business, from the company CEO to the bartender setting up for the after party. 

Work Life

There is no such thing as regular hours for artist relations managers. Schedules change daily, evenings and weekends fill up with events, and they are often on the move.