Careers in the San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area, also known as Silicon Valley, has long been synonymous with entrepreneurship and emerging technology companies. Berklee alumni work at many of the most prestigious, applying their skills at both music and non-music-related tech giants such as Tesla, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Skywalker Sound. 

In addition, smaller companies such as PopGun, Pacemaker, and Amper are part of the area's continuously burgeoning startup industry. These companies are tracing the paths blazed by Pandora, Dolby Laboratories, and Smule, but with a focus on finding new technologies to disrupt the existing music industry. 

Graduates with a background in music performance and theory combined with coding and engineering have a vast array of potential employers and backers in Silicon Valley. 

Career Roles

Community Profiles
Director, Google; Project Leader, GoogleX Project Loon